Brown paper has been used to package a
multitude of things since the beginning of time it seems.  Ever since I can
remember, there have always been brown paper bags.

Brown paper bags have been a source of
fascination to me because there is a certain mystique about them. They beckon me
to peek inside and discover the secret they hold.  In my recollection, things
that have been packaged in brown paper, more often than not have been beautiful
or precious things.

Unlike the modern, transparent and
impersonal plastics of today, the good old-fashioned brown paper, tough and
resilient, still remains the wrapping of choice when it comes to special gifts. 
We can, of course, dress the present up with coloured string and ribbons if we
wish but, let’s face it, when we are handed a gift, no matter what it is wrapped
in, we just can’t wait to find out what’s inside, can we?

This book, bound in brown paper,
contains the greatest of all gifts.  As you read the pages; as you discover
what’s inside; as the truth of the words begin to effect you… you will be led to
an amazing revelation.  The gift you are seeking is not in any of the chapters –
is not on any of the pages.  The gift is, in fact, you!

Wow!  What a promise!  You are
the gift – all bound up, just waiting to be to be unwrapped. 

Don’t keep yourself from the rest of the
world.  Go and find out what is inside!

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Format: A5 Paperback

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Genre: Non Fiction



Rob McIntyre

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2008
Language: English


About the author

Rob McIntyre is a co-director of
Better Living Resources, a company dedicated to providing seminars, workshops,
CDs, CD ROMs, DVDs, books and other resources to support those people who have
discovered the secrets of wellness and wellbeing and who are taking the stand to
make a difference. 

Rob is a researcher, entrepreneur
and an international speaker, lecturing on a wide range of topics from health
and nutrition to personal development. 

A devoted husband and father, Rob is
passionate about encouraging everyone to step out of the darkness into the light
and to becoming proactive in reaching their destiny.


hhh . . .  this book is written,
“For those of us who want to know, but who don’t want anyone else know that we

            We have ’specially
printed this book using our patented ‘quiet ink’ so no one will hear you reading
it! We have done this to protect your image.  



ave you ever thought about writing a
book? Well, I hadn’t until just now. It just has never crossed my mind. So why
has it suddenly become such a big deal?

            I have no idea! I wish I

            One thing is for sure,
it had better be a good book – because I’m going to have to read it many times
before it is finished and I only like to read good books.

            But, hang on Rob… this
book is not about me!

            Oh yeah! That’s right,
it’s all about you.

            Yes you … the
one who is reading this page right now! YOU!

            Well what are you
waiting for? Are you going to read the rest of the book, or what? That’s why you
opened it, isn’t it? You wanted to see if it’s any good, didn’t you?

            Well, take it from me –
it’s a beauty! 

            If this introduction
sounds confusing to you – it is! That’s because, like me, you are probably
confused too. Maybe you don’t know it yet, but trust me, we’re confused. (But
don’t tell anyone!)

            Ah, there’s the object
of this book! Right there! ‘How to Recognise Confusion and How to Eliminate It.

            Good one, Rob. Now let’s
see how we’re going to achieve that!

Read this part sample:

Your First
Race – Remember?



here were literally millions of them
milling around at the starting line. An air of urgent expectancy hovered over
the marshalling area. Some were stretching, some were jogging, some flexing
their muscles and yet others were resting quietly, visualising their

            This was going to be a
do or die effort for every competitor. The prize for winning this race – the
race of a lifetime – was going to be ‘the ultimate’. This is the race of races! 

            Everyone could feel the
tension slowly building. There will be no second place this time! In this race,
there can be only one winner – all the rest will come last! Every
competitor knew the consequences of not winning.

            The moment they had all
been preparing for was quickly approaching. Some became very agitated as the
magnitude of the occasion began to sink deep into their very being. Many were
jostling for a better position, a spot that was closer to the start line.

            But, not you! There
were, quietly confident, relaxed, as if you had a calm that surpassed
all understanding. It was as if you had already been given a preview of the race
by some hidden force, and you just seemed to have a strong, unwavering faith
that you would be the winner!

            Oh, it’s not as if you
were underestimating the complexity of the job. You had a very good handle on
what had to be done. It’s just that you were ready and you knew it!

            It was an interesting
concept, when one comes to think about it. This race was definitely established
as one of the most gruelling events on the calendar.

            But amazingly, not one
of the competitors had ever participated in anything like it before. Everyone
that was there that day had this driving urge to get out there and give it their

            They sensed, but they
don’t know how, that their destiny depended upon the results of this incredible
race. A race that would pit them against the best of the best. A race that, like
a marathon, would test their endurance, their persistence, their resolve and
their determination. A race that, like a sprint, would allow them to demonstrate
their courage, their speed, their strength and their tenacity.

            Another strange aspect
of this great affair is that every competitor was to negotiate the whole course
in the dark! How would they know where the line markers were? How would
they know where the finish line was? Who was the referee in the case of cheating
or foul play? Hold on … it looks like the gun is about to fire – let’s get back
to the race.

            Bang! Away they go! What
an amazing climax to such an intense preparation … they’re everywhere. It’s
everyone for themselves from now on. Look at them go! It’s like the blind
leading the blind – no one seems to know what they are doing. Except you!

            That quiet confidence
has really helped you this time. With your strength, power and technique, you
soon get out in front of the scrambling pack.

            You’re looking for
something – but what? “What can all this be about?” “What is my purpose here?”
“Is there a light at the end of this tunnel?”

            But wait … there! Up
ahead … there’s your answer. Yes! That’s it! It’s an egg! That’s your
task. It’s to fertilise that egg! Now, with even more determination, you make
that final lunge at the egg. You’re in! YOU WON!

            Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh
yeah! You won! You came first! Numero uno! What a star! What a race! What
a prize

            What a miracle! The
prize was the miracle of life itself! Your life, to be exact!

            You started your life –

            How do you feel now? 

            But haven’t you ever
noticed that you are a winner? Do you see yourself as a winner? Or, could
that be part of your confusion?

            There are lots of people
(I mean heaps of people) who are confused about that.

            They are saying things
like, “If I started out as a winner, what happened? I sure don’t feel much like
a winner now!”

            Oh, they may not be
saying it out loud, but most of them include those type of statements in their
self-talk. I call it your ‘chatterbox’. Maybe that’s a bit like the words
inbuilt chatterbox is saying to you, too.


If you just said to yourself something like, “Chatterbox? Chatterbox? I don’t
have a chatterbox!” Well, that was your chatterbox talking to you.

            Later on in this book,
we’ll take a good look at your in-built chatterbox. I reckon that little
chatterbox is just about the worst enemy you have ever had – and that includes
that kid who stole your lunch at school!

            Is it okay to dwell a
little longer on the concept that you were a winner? I mean, it feels pretty
good doesn’t it? “Me? A winner! Wow, what a thought!”

            I don’t know about you,
but I doubt that there are many people who actually entertain that concept very

            I know I didn’t!

            You wouldn’t believe
just how down on me I used to be! Oh, I would usually put on a good show for all
the blokes I used to hang with. I was even pretty cool in front of my wife and
my kids.

            But, when I was by
myself – man! I mostly felt like I was a loser. Sometimes, I’d drink a few extra
beers so I couldn’t hear myself think – or, I would plonk myself in front of the
television until I got tired enough to sleep then I’d go to bed or; I would go
out with friends because they all used to say stuff that made me feel okay or …
all of the above.

            The strange thing is
though; I actually got to a place where I began to believe that there was
nothing I could do about it. It was my destiny to lead a mediocre life and I
should quit griping about it, accept it and just get on with life and try to
make the best of it!

Try? There is no try! Do! Or do not! There

no try!




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