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A Timeless story for all ages.  Follow the
adventure of two young explorers as they discover the power and energy of The
Tung Fu Document.

Stephen K. Hayles, knows the value of real communication…and…more importantly, what it is like to be in a world without
it. Being deprived of the gift of speech for a period of 10 years, due to illness, he fought and clawed his way back to be in the position he is in today – a much sought after International
Speaker and Trainer. He has the ability to capture and hold his audiences’ attention, enthusiastically drawing upon a wealth of experiences, whilst
delivering hard hitting messages presented with a dynamic sense of humour.

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Format: A5 Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Fiction


Stephen K. Hayles

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2006

Language: English


About the Author



K. Hayles is a ‘much sought after’ Keynote Speaker and Trainer, with many
years’ experience in the personal development industry.


training programs have covered all spectrums of the community, from Bankrupts to
Millionaires, Small Businesses to Multinational Corporations.


his Guidance and unique management ability, he was able to convert a small
Workshop with a weekly turnover of $500 to a $2Million + enterprise in under 2
years, in the most unusual circumstances.


from a diverse background including Paratrooper and Mechanic in the Army as well
as being involved in all facets of sales.


has owned and operated Small Businesses in Retail, Manufacturing and Service


knows his stuff … not just the theory … because he has lived it.


has a fresh approach to, Staff Management and Personal Growth.



This is a story set in an imaginary country with fictitious
people, who are not encumbered with or subject to the rigours of political
correctness, pending lawsuits or the conditions of authority gone mad.

Yet, their search and the disciplines they discover are as
relevant and as real as monthly mortgage and car payments. You may resist them
and grumble about the arduous task of paying them but you ignore them at your

The 7 Disciplines are in the same vain. You may wish to
disregard them and not participate in their use,
that’s your choice. However, be aware that in doing so you could be missing
out on many opportunities and riches that may come your way.

Whether it’s financial rewards
you’re seeking, enhancements in personal development or higher quality
relationships, whether personal, business or spiritual, mastering Tung Fu
improvement in all areas.

As long as there are at least two people on this earth, the
skill of effective verbal communication cannot be overestimated.

Please enjoy the journey and learn the skill of great communication as
these young inquisitive explorers set about their quest to improve the quality
of their lives and that of their village, by discovering and mastering the Tung

a sample:





in a forgotten country, a village existed where everybody knew they were right
all the time – constantly arguing the point and defending their opinion to the
bitter end. Because its citizens were so committed to their own point of view
and unmoving in their beliefs, the villages commerce and trade with other
townships soon declined, leading to the economic downturn of the whole
community. As a result, their standard of living dropped significantly.

True to fashion,
everybody had his or her own definite idea as to the causes of this disaster.
Many blamed the Village Council for their stubbornness and wanting everything
their own way (not that any of them could agree). Others blamed the traders
because they wouldn’t see reason, or at least listen to their customers’

Naturally, the
traders blamed the people of the village for being set in their ways and not
accepting change or altering their way of thinking.





Husbands ridiculed
their wives because they wouldn’t see things their way; the wives rebuked them
in return, complaining it was always the men who wouldn’t listen to reason,
not the women folk.

None of course
would listen to the children because they weren’t old enough to have an
opinion of their own. Even if they did, they’d surely be wrong, as anyone will
tell you; they wouldn’t conform to the beliefs of their parents, who
couldn’t agree in the first place.

there was much complaining and a lot of noisy arguments, all achieving very
little in the way of productivity.

One day, the heroes of our
story, Speck and her younger brother Lister, were out gathering books to burn
for the evening cooking fire, from a huge pile that were kept in the fire shed.
Books were no longer required in the village because everyone knew what they
believed to be true and had no room for new ideas or useless information that
was contrary to their own beliefs. So over time, all
the books that had once been a reservoir of great knowledge were now only used
as a resource for the flaming consumption of the heating and cooking fires.



is here in the fire shed that the two children were expressing their fledgling
ideas, prejudices and ideals which they believed to be true and held close to
their hearts.

Though young in
years they had learnt well and were eager to out-do and out-shout each other
with forceful indifference to the other’s feelings – for this is how they saw
it was done in the grown-up world, and they imitated it well. 

Suddenly, both
stopped mid-tirade. They gazed in wide-eyed amazement at what appeared to be a
very old and mysterious folder lying buried beneath a pile of books and
teachings that had long been destined for burning.

Bending forward,
slowly, in unison they gently pulled at the corner of the bound folder. It was
bound in what looked like smelly old musky calfskin but had exquisite hand
tooling around the edges. They gradually prized it from the other books
entombing it, careful not to tear the fragile corners of the magnificent
parchment, which also had strange and beautiful symbols on it. Finally, after
much gentle persuasion, the folder was revealed to them.



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