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The Path of The Heart challenges
your perceptions of the universe. It delivers you from the restrictions of
limited third dimensional thinking into the freedom of unlimited fifth
dimensional thought. It shows you a new and unconditional way to love, and
brings a unity of faith for all, through Christ and under God, for this century.

Follow the path of the heart with
the two main characters from their first meeting in the wilds of Arizona,
through adventures spanning both Heaven and Earth, in life and after death.
Explore with them the multidimensionality of the human soul, which knows no
limits, with guidance by spirit interwoven throughout the story. It is both a
teaching manual of the guides and a love story for all time.


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Format: Paperback

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Genre: Spiritual/New


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Author: William
and Joy Jenkins

Imprint: Zeus

Publisher: Zeus Publications

Date Published: March 2003

Language: English


ÓJoy R. Jenkins 2003
United States of America
First Published by First Books library 2001
This edition published by Zeus Publications

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the Author


Joy Jenkins is a Master Channel. 
Her home is in Arizona with her two children. 
She travels frequently in her work offering private consultations and
group seminars on How to Communicate with Spirit and Reach your Own Personal

She has channeled since the early eighties under her
soul name ASTARTE.  She studied the
healing arts and is a Reiki Master.  A
gifted prophetess, she specializes in all types of readings. 
Joy connects with your loved ones that have passed over, your own
personal guides and the Ascended Masters.  She
is available for private readings and to speak to your group on these topics and
much more.

For readings, classes and seminar information,
contact Joy Jenkins via her website at: or
email her at: or write to her at P.O. Box 107,
Gilbert, Arizona 85299, USA.



Song of The




Against my will, I was born. Out of the warmth into
the chill, I was excommunicated from the safety of my cathedral where I had felt
connected to something greater than myself, struggling now to survive, even to
breathe on my own.

          In that
moment I lost everything. I felt pain for the first time. 
I was abandoned and alone. When they cut that cord, my last hope, I knew
there was no way back, no way to recapture that feeling of belonging. In that
instant, my connection with everything and everyone was destroyed. I not only
lost my mother, who was my protector, but the essence of God himself dissolved
to a lesser world. The knowingness evaporated into nothingness and through my
tears I lost all meaning of life and love. I was born a coward for I was afraid.             

          And so my
search began for the sanctity of that lost world. I knew that if I sought long
enough and hard enough, I would find it.

          Now, some
parents help. They hold you and stroke you, and almost convince you that you are
still a part of them. Some don’t. They neglect you and bruise you, and leave you
hanging in an emotional abyss, making everything worse than it already is.

          First, they
send you to school to learn the truth, which rings untrue in the bell tower of
your heart. Then they send you to church and tell you to pray to some invisible
God, repeating some magic words, as if they are trying to appease him. But in
your heart of hearts you know that you won’t find him there because from the
beginning he was always around and within you, in silence and in glory and in
peace, filling that emptiness with no struggle at all. So, you do what they say
but you leave the church empty. Yet they don’t seem to understand as they recite
their catechism, looking for him in empty words that are always changing.

          The years
continue to pass and you keep searching despite the difficulties, for something
is driving you forward.  You grow up
despite everything, body stretching out, heart holding more things in, not
flowing anymore but stumbling; not pure, but polluted. Then nature takes over
and in the end you survive in this jungle in an animalistic way.

          In your heart
you are empty and you know that something is very wrong. You don’t quite seem
attached to anything or anyone, and you feel like you are floating out there
like a bird without a perch or a ship without a shore. And you keep looking for
your immutable faith.

          Nothing seems
to work. Everything is constantly changing. People come and go, accidents
happen, you move around in circles as others are born and others die. The cycle
continues endlessly.

          At times you
experiment with substitutes to fill that need to be connected to something. You
form friendships; you maintain relationships; even get married. But you find
those fleeting connections weren’t it after all. You are afraid your children
will inherit your emptiness.

          Sometimes you
are soothed and fed, but still unsatisfied. Because somewhere on some level you
know that something is missing. Your appetite is being fed, but your hunger
remains because what you are taking in is all junk food.

          Then, one day
when you have almost given up hope and both your heart and your soul are
exhausted beyond human resources, when you have stopped running in circles
looking at everyone and everything and wondering what it is that you need to
find, when you are sitting alone in the stillness of defeat ready to give up
rather than to go on hopeless and conquered by this world which has fed your
surface but left your soul starving – at that moment, whether by chance or by
design, you look inside yourself instead of outside and in an instant you find
Him there.

surprises you even more is that you can see Him, hear Him, and feel Him, within
you and without you, his acknowledgement surrounding you just as it did before
you were born. And somewhere inside you a distant memory awakens and you are at
peace for the first time in your life, for you have finally come home.

All false lovers fade in the face of true love. In that shining moment of
unconditional love, everything falls into place and you are reborn again. You
were born a coward but now you are a hero, for God is real and you have found



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