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Professor Ken Truxwill has made a breakthrough in his research. Ken knows that
humans only use a portion of their brain, and he believes that the unused
sections of the mind could contain extraordinary   
abilities. However, the dramatic increase in brain use could lead to dire
consequences, so those who have this power must be studied and carefully

School, girls, friends and family. These are the things in Jack 
Sanderson’s life, and he couldn’t possibly imagine a more average teenage

All of this changes when Jack manages to unblock the mental barriers inside his
mind, granting him the power of telekinesis. His powers lead him on a path that
forms a friendship with a supernatural abilities 
researcher and a strange man with amazing fire powers. As his
abilities being to grow, Jack knows he is destined for something 

However, Jack is not alone. Another being has gained telekinetic 
powers. A being who is troubled, constantly bullied and cannot wait for
the chance to push back…

Two paths: One path of nurturing, relationships and personal growth. The other
path is of pain, torment and an example of how absolute power corrupts


Eventually these two paths must meet. It is only a matter of time…

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Number of pages: 228

Greg Peake
Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2011
Language: English



About the author


Greg was born in Gympie, Queensland in 1992. Soon after Greg moved to a small suburb called Burpengary, which is
where he currently lives with his parents, Garth and Virginia, and younger brother, Hayden.

Right through school Greg knew he wanted to write and it
wasn’t until his junior years at high school, that he started to write, and
eventually completed, The Dormant Powers.

Greg is currently studying for a Bachelor of Journalism at
the University of the Sunshine Coast, hoping to one day make writing a
big part of his life – more than it is already.

During his present time at university he has had a few
successful writing opportunities, mainly writing creative articles for
UniAustralia and submitting reviews
and articles on field hockey as a freelance contributor for a Sunshine Coast news website.

Greg is continuing his studies at university and hopes one
day to be a journalist who will also have a string of successful novels to his



Firstly, of course, I have to give thanks to
those at Poseidon Books who accepted my manuscript, and to those who put it all
together. I have a small, but healthy, pile of rejection letters that proves
that without them, this book would still be just a fantasy.

Thanks to my parents, Garth and Virginia, for their love
and support. They have done so much that I couldn’t dream of putting it all
here. Thanks also to Dad for proofreading
The Dormant Powers
when it was only a pile of pages.

To Deb, thanks for taking my pages and binding them
together during their early stages. It was fun to see them look like that and I
greatly appreciate the effort and the fact you used your time to do this.

I must mention all my close friends and family – those who
supported and encouraged me throughout the years. I greatly appreciate the fact
that not one of them had a sympathetic look for the sometimes-delusional teen
who wanted to write a book. There are so many of you, so hopefully you know who
you are.

Lastly, thank you to a large number of anonymous people who
have been in my life. There are a few areas in this story where I have drawn
from personal experience and I have you to thank for the inspiration. Again, I
couldn’t name all of you.

Chapter 1

Only the tapping footsteps of expensive shoes could be
heard along the seemingly endless corridor. Ken Truxwill was the head researcher
of the Institute for the Human Body – also known as the IHB. Trying not to make
his steps look urgent, he walked quickly to the end of the corridor where a
giant oak door seemed to rise up to greet him.

He stopped. Was this what he really wanted? Did he really
want his research to become nothing more than a money-making freak show? Ken
knew that behind the door there was a massive round executive table and sitting
at the table were the heads of the institute. These men were a group of
specialist scientists who were highly eminent in their respective fields, chosen
to head the different departments of research and study. He also knew that CEOs
of pharmaceutical companies and businessmen who were experts in marketing were
also present on the other side of the door.

Ken was worried about what might become of his findings if
the marketers got their hands on it.

He procrastinated. He placed his many files of research
neatly on the ground next to him and bent over to tie his shoes.

He was sure the institute leaders would treat his findings
carefully, but he was also sure that the businessmen and company heads would try
to use it as something that would make them rich – richer than they could ever

Ken knew he couldn’t keep them waiting any longer. He
picked up his files and stood up. He straightened his tie and his lab coat,
fixed his straight blonde hair, adjusted his round gold-rim spectacles and
opened the door. Ken found himself looking at the table with three head
scientists and four other men in suits, presumably the pharmaceutical

“Ah, Professor Truxwill, do come in.” The head of the
institute greeted him like an old friend. “Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you
to Professor Truxwill. Right now he is head of a research team that is studying
the human brain. I have asked him here to our meeting because he has told me
that he and his team have discovered something that … will change the world
forever. They were the words you used,
right, Ken?”

The businessmen, who at first, hardly even acknowledged
Ken’s entry into the room, now turned to face him with sudden interest.

Ken stepped forward and put his files down onto the table
next to a projector, which was plugged into a laptop. “Yes, sir. As you know, we
have been studying the human brain to understand it a bit more than we do
already. However, instead of keeping our research on the part of the brain that
operates our bodies, we’ve dug our probes a little deeper.”

All eyes were on him now. Everyone in the room was keen to
see where this presentation would lead. Ken pulled a black flash drive from his
pocket and plugged it into the laptop. As the computer screen flickered to life,
so did the projector, relaying the laptop’s pictures onto the white wall behind
Ken. The pictures on the wall showed a brain, with diagrams in shades of yellow
that started at one portion of the brain, then morphed to another part. The
images began a loop, showing the same series of images repeatedly.

“As you can see from the diagram I have here,” Ken said.
“The brain, as a whole, is mostly unused. Humans today only use one-tenth of the
brain’s capacity. This is really amazing because that small one-tenth
coordinates our memories, motor skills, thoughts and basically everything we
think, say or do. This was the fuel that started my research. What if we could
use … the entire brain?”

All the men started whispering amongst themselves in
excitement. Ken had only just begun.

“We’ve done tests on people who claim to be psychics and have found that some
people really do have such a gift. Their brainpower and cognitive capacity is
way higher than most others. This doesn’t make them smarter, like some sort of a
super genius. However, the extra brain cells being used allow people like
psychics to take déjà vu to another level – seeing into the unknown
future and speaking to the dead.”

One of the businessmen raised his hand. “So, having access
to the whole brain grants access to a number of different abilities? If so, what
kind of abilities could there be?”

Ken thought for a moment. “We have been testing on brains
that have been discovered to have none of the restrictions that there are with
normal people. But you have to understand that this isn’t like some Hollywood movie. I’ve already mentioned foresight and supernatural communication. We have
also found shapeshifting is a possibility. The brain already controls chemical
processes in our bodies and being able to control the state of tissue to change
shape is certainly not impossible.

“There are so many abilities that we haven’t tested, but
the one we are testing right now, the one that seems to demonstrate potential
more than any ability when full brain capacity is reached, is telekinesis – the
ability to control inanimate objects.”

Ken stopped to let everything he said take effect. All the
men in the room seemed taken aback by the presentation. After awhile one of the
businessmen raised his hand. “I’ve got one question, professor. How would one
achieve access to the whole brain and these abilities?”

“I have only my hypothesis, sir.” Ken replied. “We have
theories that excessive concentration or extreme emotional stress could break
the mental barriers, but there’s no concrete evidence.”

One of the heads of the institute hadn’t spoken a word, nor
had he planned to, but his curiosity got the better of him.

“Umm, back to the last part, professor. You mentioned
telekinesis, what exactly is that?”

Ken nodded. “In layman’s terms, telekinesis is the ability
to control objects. Full brainpower, as we have theorised, could reach out and
mentally touch different types of masses. For example, a telekinetic could reach
out with his mind and make a piece of wood float in midair, pull or push a pen,
or control things like a raging fire, rushing water or raise the earth. We get
extremely excited when it comes to telekinesis because if you had the ability to
manipulate and control anything you
could imagine, then the possibilities are literally endless. That is why, with a
little more funding, we can go and track down people who may have this power
before serious problems arise.”

“What kind of problems?” one of the businessmen asked.

Ken lowered his head. “We have no idea what will happen to
the mind as a result of these abilities. Any ability would require a certain
amount of control for it to be used safely and effectively. Things like
foresight or supernatural communication would take less control because the
ability would more or less come to these people naturally. Shapeshifting would
take a greater degree of control because of the way you would have to manipulate
the tissue. But telekinesis is something entirely different. Our tests have
shown that the power of that magnitude would start off small – perhaps the
levitation of a pencil or something of similar weight. Don’t forget the brain is
like a muscle and it needs to be exercised. As the brainpower grows with
exercise more possibilities open up, bigger things can be controlled.
Eventually, with more development, the barriers are lifted and possibilities
become limitless. But there is a price. Such power could be too much for some
minds to handle. Depending on the mind and its strength, such power could lead
to homicidal tendencies and insanity.

“With extra funding, we could increase our research in this
area and seek out people who have unlocked these powers and monitor them to
assess if they’re safe enough to coexist with the rest of humanity.”

Ken had said his piece; there was nothing more to his
presentation. His speech hung in the air as the heads of the IHB decided what
was best. The men stood up, followed by the other businessmen.

“No one is to speak of this outside this room, gentlemen.
Professor Truxwill, we will grant extra funding for your work. If what you say
is true, we don’t want insane telekinetic people causing worldwide pandemonium.”

The institute head gestured towards the businessmen. “We
will let you know if you can do anything with this, gentlemen. In the meantime,
we have a lot of tests to run.”

All the men exited the room. Ken was already thinking of
how he would track down his subjects.

The hunt had begun.


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