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yourself with The 7 Gifts to Wealth, Health and Happiness. 

Follow the amazing story of Lister, a successful businessman, who searches for


his emotional roller coaster ride as ‘The Gifts’ he needs to fill the void in
his life, are revealed in the most unusual ways and from the most unexpected

story takes place in an ‘Indiana Jones’ type of environment, taking the
reader on a fast and moving mystery adventure through forests, over wide
expanses of water and even a sedentary but exhilarating episode amongst a
secluded group of monks. 

faces the challenges and hardships that we all face from time to time,
eventually overcoming the greatest of all demons……himself. 

after uncovering and understanding the Secrets to inner Peace and Fulfilment,
Lister returns home to an unexpected welcome with outcomes least expected by him
and a surprise to the reader. 

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ISBN: 1-9210-0599-8

Format: A5 Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Fiction


Stephen K. Hayles

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2006

Language: English


the Author



K. Hayles is a ‘much sought after’ Keynote Speaker and Trainer, with many
years’ experience in the personal development industry.


training programs cover all spectrums of the community, from Bankrupts to
Millionaires, Small Businesses to Multinational Corporations.


his Guidance and unique management ability, he was able to convert a small
Workshop with a weekly turnover of $500 to a $2Million + enterprise in under 2
years, in the most unusual circumstances.


diverse background includes being a Paratrooper and Mechanic in the Army the
after discharge became involved in all facets of sales.

has owned and operated Small businesses in Retail, Manufacturing and Service


knows his stuff, not just the theory… he has lived it.


has a fresh approach to, Staff and Personal Management and Growth.




comes a time in life when we ask. ‘What is it all for, why am I here and where
will it end?’


the main character of this story has reached such a stage. He is at that point
in his life where he has achieved everything he thought would make him happy. He
has wealth, power, prestige and a loving home life. Still he feels there is
something missing. What is it? How can he obtain it? Where will he find it?


is led by several turns of events to make yet another Journey of discovery. This
time he is alone, without the aid of his sister, his travelling companion on all
his other adventures. Only he can uncover the mysteries that hold the secret to
a better way of life for himself, family, associates and business interests.


as well as physical hardships await him as he has to confront ghosts from the
past and allay fears about the future. Grappling with long held beliefs and
prejudices, he unravels conundrums that have haunted men and women from the very
beginning of time. Meeting and mixing with people not from his world, he learns
much and is touched by many.


the end of his quest, armed with new knowledge, he faces his greatest challenge
of all. Does he have the courage to change?





was booming, profits were up shareholders, customers and employees were
contented. A magnificent position to be in, surly he must be the envy of his
competitors and looked up to as a worthy role model for young and aspiring
entrepreneurs. Having had such an impoverished start lacking in all the skills
and knowledge displayed by others in the field of business, he had grown rich
and powerful by being bold in his decisions. He became prudent with his risk
taking by employing the 7 Disciplines of Tung Fu that he and his sister Speck
had discovered over 30, no 40 years ago.

Surely it was not that far back, but yes it had to have
been, for he was not even in his teens. Now in his fifties with a wife and grown
up family of his own he was now older than his father was when they had left on
their first great adventure. Speck and he determined to find what the meaning of
the document was they had found earlier that same year. Now 40 years had
elapsed; where had the time gone? He mused as he gazed into the reflection of
his older face, the receding hairline, the furrowed brow and the sad eyes that
gazed back at him from the sliver tray lying on his desk with the remains of his
morning refreshment. A cup of lemon scented tea and a soft round cake thing that
he could never remember the name of but enjoyed the taste nonetheless. No doubt
about it, Mrs. Fleming was indeed the mistress of her domain.



bake house situated at the end of the laneway behind the impressive store where
he now sat pondering. What was wrong? All that he had just been thinking about,
the success of his business ventures, the closeness he has with his family, the
health that he enjoys? In fact he should be the happiest person alive.

“Well why aren’t I?” He remonstrated out loud.

then the door to his palatial office silently swung open to reveal Michael, his
personal assistant and constant companion.

“Everything all right Sir?” he enquired in his familiar
neutral tone.

“Fine, fine. Just having a quiet chat with myself”
answered Lister with a grin, then added “Well maybe it wasn’t as quiet as it
should have been, eh Michael?

With that the silhouetted form of Michael entered the
hollowed hall known as “The Office”

Michael, once out of sight and earshot of other employees,
lost his reserved air and began in a much more familiar and personal tone.
“What’s up Lister, you’ve been out of sorts for the past few weeks, is
there anything I can do to help?”           

“Oh, I don’t know Michael, you’ve been a great friend
over the past 15 or so years as well as an excellent employee but it’s your
friendship that I value most of all. However in this instance I don’t think
even you can help me, because I don’t know if there are any answers to what
bothers me.”

sighed and drained the remains of his tea placing the cup thoughtfully back on
the tray, the tray that seemed to have started his present train of thought.
Michael was right he had been feeling a little lost for the past few weeks.
Nothing seemed to give him pleasure anymore, not that he was depressed. No, it
seemed just that the sparkle had left him, the vitality for what he was doing.
He was in no way ready to die but just seemed to have nothing worthwhile to live
for as he had achieved so much and it appeared that even though he was loved by
his family they no longer seemed to need him, as they had done in the past.    

“What’s next?” “What’s the point of anything
anymore?” These questions were intended for him only, but as before he had
verbalized them into the air. Realizing his mistake he looked straight into the
eyes of his faithful friend.

Michael replied. “What’s the point of what anymore, are
you talking about living or breathing?”

Lister was taken aback. “What’s the difference, aren’t
they both really the same in the end?”

“Not really,” Michael smiled. “Breathing is a
function, living is an experience. You can have the function without the
experience, but never the experience without the function. It seems to me that
you want the function to continue, but need something to give the experience new

“Michael you have clarified it with rapier precision as
always, but how do I find this new experience. There is nothing I cannot have,
see, or do, that money can buy. There is nothing. So I ask you. What is it I can

“Conquer the world within” was the prompt reply.

“Conquer the world within? What does that mean?”
protested Lister. After a brief pause he once again looked into Michael’s eyes
and grinned then continued “You mean search inside me for a peaceful world
where I can live in harmony with all that is around me, no matter how chaotic it
may seem?”

“What do you think?” was the brief yet gentle reply.
Michael smiled once more then turned and headed towards the huge doors he had
entered by. Just as he reached for the handle he looked at his employer, and in
a low voice, so as others that may be outside would not hear and asked Lister if
he remembered the old man they had previously employed to keep a eye on the
building when it was shut, such as for public days of celebration or when
festivals were in progress.


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