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Sex! Drugs! Rave parties!
Drinking Binges!

are some of the words that adults associate with teenage life, and parents are
often worried that their teenager is on a one way path to self-destruction. 
But, beyond the hype, today’s teenagers are growing up in a fast-paced and
stressful world.  They have to cope with school, with exams, with 
finding work, with home-life, with their social life, with the changes that
are occurring in their body and with their emotions. Teenagers and Stress is a
comprehensive and accessible guide to help your teenager cope with the
pressures of modern living.  It includes stress relief techniques; the
secrets of organising schoolwork; effective exam methods; hints on getting
(and keeping) that elusive first job and- of course – level headed discussions
on sexuality, alcohol and drugs.


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Format: Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Non-Fiction


Author: Dr.
Charmaine Saunders 

Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers

Date Published: 1998

Language: English


About the author

Charmaine Saunders has been working in the personal development field since 1983. As a counsellor, author, teacher and columnist, she has gained a wide following because of her practical, down-to-earth advice and outgoing personality.

She has written four books about stress and writes regular articles for magazines and other publications. Her popular ‘Ask Charmaine’ segments on radio are entertaining as well as informative. Her busy schedule includes marketing a series of personal development tapes, teaching courses/classes and running a counselling practice. She has brought her warmth and humour as well as her vast experience and knowledge to the writing of Teenagers and Stress.



One of the main questions I was asked about my book, Women and Stress, was – why is it necessary to write about the stress of only one section of
society? Is female stress really that different2 No doubt the same issue will be raised about Teenagers and Stress. My answer will be the same: the stress itself is essentially the same, but how it manifests itself and how it is experienced varies according to gender, age, background and personality.

Having worked with teenagers off and on for over twenty years, I have many wonderful memories, stories and insights, some of which I plan to share with you in this book. My main aim is to offer a comprehensive study of teenage stress for the use of young men and women. The story will unfold via description, anecdotes and, most importantly, a positive and practical approach to the special challenges of growing up in the ‘between’ years.

I cannot hope to discuss every teenage issue in detail, and, in order to say anything at all, I have to take the middle road and leave out mention of Aboriginal or migrant teenagers, the handicapped or the brilliant and those with very unusual or specific problems. My premise
is that all teenagers share the same feelings, frustrations and fears to some extent, and these cross all boundaries of culture, race, language, intellect and other differences. I hope, therefore, that this book will have something to say to all young people and their families.
I, for one, have a deep and genuine love and respect for teenagers, as will be evident through the pages of this book.

Let us now embark on this journey together, a journey of sharing, discovery and hope. I have received some very lovely letters from readers of my books on stress, some from as far away as England. In the hope that the same thing will happen with this book, I include my contact details so that you can send me your comments, ideas and questions. I promise to write back to you and help in whatever way I can.

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