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of Melcannia 


Julia is marrying Rob, her sweetheart and moving to a new life
on a sheep station in outback South Australia. But their peaceful existence is
disturbed by a spirit who is haunting the house. Who is this spirit and what
does he want?
Through the ghost’s diary, Julia learns of his life, 100 years ago, and of his
contact with the local Aboriginal tribes.
But what now? Will Julia succumb to his charms, or will she be able to find
peace for her ghost?


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Format: Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Romance Fiction


Author: Addie

Imprint: Zeus

Publisher: Zeus Publications

Date Published: September 2002

Language: English


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Addie Fielding lives in
Adelaide, South Australia, with her husband John and two children Daniel and
Madeline. She has been writing seriously for the last four years, and in that
time, has had several short stories published online and won awards through
online writing groups in different genres. 
Addie runs her own business doing accounts for local businesses, and
writing takes up all her spare time. 

Addie is currently working on
another story, which is also set in South Australia. She has had a short story
called, “The Dark Dream’ published, in The Visionary Tongue, a periodical
edited by Storm Constantine.


Addie Fielding’s
real name is Glenda Draper.






He was
smiling at her, a sly smile, sending shivers up her spine. 
His golden eyes glinted and glistened and his soft brown curls fell
across his brow.  He was calling a
name, softly at first, then louder and louder. 
Jeanie! Jeanie! Jeanie!   His
hands were held out in front of him, palms up. 
Beckoning, pleading.   She
was trembling, and not just from the cold waves that were emanating from him.  

Suddenly he
was close to her, close enough for her to see the tiny wrinkles around his eyes. 
He was pushing her down on the bed and lying on top of her, but she felt
no impression of his weight.   He
was close enough for her to feel his cold breath on her cheek. 
Then he was kissing her.  Soft
feathery kisses, like butterflies flickering across her skin. 
His hands began to pull her nightgown off her shoulders and she could
feel his fingers caressing her; so softly that she was not 
really sure if she was feeling them, just a cool sensation as they glided
down her bare shoulders, and upper arms. 

All the time
he was calling that name, Jeanie! Jeanie! Over and over. 
Sometimes loudly, sometimes so quietly she was not sure if she really
heard his voice, or if it was just inside her head.     

She felt as
though she was floating and could no longer feel her back against the mattress. 
Her arms would not move:  She
wanted to cry out, but no sound came. 

He was
beautiful yet horrifying at the same time. 
His almond shaped eyes were perfectly framed by fine dark eyebrows; his
face was strong and manly, but had a softness made extremely sensual by his
mouth that was just a little too wide.  

There was a
hint of a beard appearing on his square jaw, and his expression seemed to
alternate from lust to sorrow.  One
minute she could see every part of him, from his dusty looking stockman’s
clothes, covering his slim yet muscular body, then he would become transparent,
and she could see the light from the verandah shining through him.  

He was
moaning now, writhing against her naked body. 
He had pulled her nightgown off and sent it floating to the floor of the
bedroom.   His hands were no
longer cold; she could feel his heat and her skin tingled all over as if a weak
electric current was coming from him.  
He was kissing her deeply now, then dipping his head down to kiss her
breasts.   His hair was
tickling her neck and she could feel him inside of her. 
She was hot now and could feel the droplets of perspiration running down
the side of her face.   Her
head had fallen backwards and she shut her eyes, completely overwhelmed by him,
nothing existing but their lovemaking.  
Even when she opened her eyes briefly she could see nothing but flashes
of light.  Every inch of the bedroom
seemed to be pulsating.

Then he was
gone.  In an instant she was lying
down on the bed, shivering and alone.  All
the blankets had fallen off and a cool breeze was coming through the open



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