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SKY 21

Sky Riece, life has been anything but easy. 
What starts as a simple sheltered existence quickly turns into a
torturous life of betrayal and imprisonment. 
She is haunted by devastating visions of death and convinced that she
carries the burden of their  murders. 

documents the trials and tribulations she experiences as she searches for the
truth about her past, her present and her dark future. 
Before she knows it Sky is being forced to    
question everything and everyone she has ever known and 
begins to

realise that we are not alone in this universe.

everyday that passes she discovers more  deception
and loses herself to a greater power. If she does not take control and follow
her destiny   humanity will be
lost for ever.

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Format: A5 Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Fiction


Tracey Lavender

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2006

Language: English


About the Author


From a young
age, I realised that I had an artistic and creative drive within that I had to
share. When I was fifteen, I started writing this book as a way of venting my
feelings and confusion as I grew into an adult. I grew up in a small town,
surrounded by narrow-minded people who gave me very little encouragement to
follow my dreams.


It has been
11 years since I started writing this book. Many edits later, I have finally
finished it. I could have changed so much of the book but felt that I should
leave the storyline the way I had envisioned it many years ago. It really
depicts the confusion and mistrust that I had toward everyone as a young woman.


If it
hadn’t been for my supportive family and the endless inspiration and
encouragement of my boyfriend, I would probably never have finished the book,
let alone published it. I really hope that people enjoy if for what it is and
don’t compare and judge it.


This was a
dream, a story thought up by a young girl who needed a way to express herself
and escape from the pressures of life. If only we could all live in a fantasy
world of excitement and dreams. Perhaps not one quite as scary as the one
depicted in this book, but one in which we could all make our dreams come true.


Enjoy the

Chapter One

cold silence surrounded me as I remained motionless in the midst of a light that
burned deeply into my sight. I could move no limb nor muscle as I tried fiercely
to rebel from the blinding brightness. As I failed to escape, I felt my pulse
intensify and my heart thump with such force it took my breath away, leaving me
gasping for air and life. In an instant, my vision was restored only to reveal a
ghastly vision of lifeless bodies surrounding me, my hands covered in their
blood, hearing nothing but their screams of horror. From within the pool of
slaughtered bodies came a loud piercing cry for mercy that took the last breath
of air from my lungs, leaving me lifeless. Slowly I became cold as ice, my limbs
ceased to jolt and my vision drifted into darkness as silence and stillness drew
over me once again. Opening my eyes in horror as I clutched at the blanket
entangled around my ankles, with sweat dripping from my forehead, I awoke to the
innocent cry of a storm bird on the windowsill.

my eyes and squinting from the sun reflecting off the clear window pane I
realised that the dream had haunted me once again. The night had become day so
quickly, so silently, yet much time had passed since I had laid my weary head
down. When I had closed my eyes the previous night, I had unleashed my
nightmares all over again and opened a doorway for memories and torture from my
past. This was my life, destined never to be at peace and forever trying to
escape my past.


∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞


horrific and devastating tale began many years ago when I was only eighteen and
had this dream for the first time. I was unable to sleep, unable to settle
myself, with the fear of what ghastly nightmares I may set free if I closed my
eyes once more. I felt a chilling breeze blow gently past me as my hair softly
flew across my still moist cheek and fluttered in front of my eyes. Pulling down
my bed covers and slowly creeping out of bed, I wandered towards the window.
Looking out into the cold dark night, memories of my childhood flooded back. The
joy and love of my family, and the pain and suffering of my father’s death.

up on the windowsill, I stared out at the misty night and brilliant sky lit up
by billions of stars. As the branches of the small shrub near my room scratched
at the glass, my eyelids grew heavier and heavier. Tick…tick…tick…tick. My
bedside clock ticked over quietly in the background. Gently resting my head
against the old wooden window frame, I noticed that everything around me seemed
to become even more silent than before. Even the wind came to a halt, almost as
if everything stood still. I sat there tiredly watching the clock tick over,
minute after minute, until time itself seem to stop. Slowly the wind picked up,
the trees began swaying fiercely and everything came alive again, yet stronger
and more frighteningly than before. With my head still resting against the
window, I felt a tapping on the glass. Turning, expecting to see the branches
scratching at the glass again, I came face to face with a dark figure standing
beyond the glass staring in at me. In fear, I jumped away from the windowsill
and ran for the door. As I reached it and grabbed for the handle I looked back
toward the shadow. With everything that I had seen that night in my dreams I
guess I wasn’t sure any more of what was real and what was not.

my hair away from my face, I looked closer. But where the figure once stood was
nothing but an old shrub swaying strongly in the gale. As the fear slowly
settled within me, I let go of the door handle and crept toward the window,
still very cautious and staring into the darkness beyond the glass. I cannot
explain the fear and confusion that I felt at that moment. Was it real? Was I
safe? Turning toward the door again, I heard the floorboards begin creaking
closer and closer to me. From behind me, the trees began banging on the glass
louder than before. Frozen with fear I began breathing heavier not knowing what
lurked beyond that door. The handle slowly began rattling. Running to the door
and locking it tightly I crouched down in the corner shaking. With sweat
dripping from my forehead and trying to make it all disappear, I rocked back and
forth whispering to myself what my father once told me when I awoke from a

mind is what I allow it to be, I see only what I want to see. My mind is what I
allow it to be, I see only what I want to see.”

banging became louder. Holding my hands to my ears trying to block it out I
mumbled faster until, suddenly, a hollow silence fell again. But I knew that it
wasn’t over; I could feel it was far from over. The window flew open. Turning
my head swiftly I saw something so extraordinary that I would never be able to
forget that night. As the wind blew strongly through my curtains, hundreds of
autumn leaves flew into the room. Walking through the cloud of orange and brown,
my hair flying around from the forceful wind, I saw a bright light shining into
my room which blinded me momentarily. By the time my vision was restored, I
found myself lying in the centre of the floor covered in leaves, the window
still flapping in the breeze and the sun shining from the morning sky. With my
head throbbing with pain, I brushed the leaves aside and sat up to notice my
jewellery box lying open beside me. I had only opened it once before in my life,
the last time I saw my father. I was only very young, and my memories of its
beauty and meaning were vague, but I did remember my father’s last words:

box holds a lifetime, Sky. Don’t ever forget its value.”

the leaves away from it and reaching slowly inside I found a small wooden cross
carved in a similar style to the engravings on the box. Attaching it to my
silver chain, I hung it around my neck that night and every night thereafter in
memory of my father in the hope that it might chase away the torturing dreams.
Struggling to my feet weakly, I crawled into bed, laying my head down once more.
I drifted to sleep so easily that morning that even my soul felt at peace. At
the time, I wasn’t sure whether that night was a dream or reality. But now,
after everything I have been through, everything I have seen and experienced, I
am certain that it was both. That night was the first night of the rest of my


∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞


I was young, my father disappeared while away on business. Despite what everyone
told me – that he was dead – I just knew that he was watching over me. I had
learnt at a very young age to be independent and to never let anything come
between me and my goals in life. I needed no one and vowed that I would never
let myself become dependent on anyone. I believed that those I cared about would
be torn from me just as my father had been so many years before. For this
reason, the years ahead of me were going to be even more difficult than I

the loss of my father, I never really felt close to anyone, not even my family.
All that I had to keep me feeling alive was the hope that I held inside me, that
one day I might see my father again in another place at another time. I think
back now to those days when my life was so simple and I try to imagine and
recreate the moments and feelings, but I just can’t. There is a point in
everyone’s life when you just can’t go back, no matter how strongly you want
to be there. Sure, I can remember, I can even picture some moments, but nothing
could ever compete with actually being there. Those who know me now, those who
think they know the real Sky Riece, can’t begin to understand who I really am,
and as a result they do not understand how much of my life has been taken from
me. I believe that they never will. For anyone to completely understand me they
must try to understand what I represent. To understand that, they need to know
what has happened to me since that autumn night so long ago. I have spent so
many years trying to keep my life a secret and many of those I have spent alone.
But now it is time that I told my story; it is time to break the seal of secrecy
on my life. It needs to be revealed.


∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞


things I witnessed that night brought about so much more fear and mystery than I
could ever have anticipated. The horror I saw and the fear I felt began to haunt
me every waking moment. Day after day I would spend alone shut away in my room
trying to escape the devastating visions that followed me like shadows. At
first, I would see only short flashbacks of the dream until the visions grew
more intense. There was no way to block out the cries for help as I saw people
on their knees begging for mercy. Each time, more bodies would appear and the
screams would grow louder, eventually drowning out everything else.

day came when I just couldn’t stand the torture that I was experiencing. I
felt that I had to talk to someone about everything that had happened that
night. But the person who I spoke to was probably the reason that things became
disrupted so quickly.

since birth I had had only one doctor, Dr George Klein. For as long as I can
remember he had always treated my father as well, therefore I valued his opinion
and trusted his judgement. I never thought what might happen if I revealed my
innermost secret. He was the only person that my father would trust to treat me.
I knew, or at least thought, it was what my father would have done.

I sat nervously in the appointment room anxiously awaiting my name to be called,
I glanced around at the walls. I felt so alone. I would have given anything to
have had someone by my side that day but my mother had never come to an
appointment with me in my entire life. My father was always the one who had held
my hand as we waited, smiling at me while the doctor examined me. Since my
father had died, I had done everything on my own. My mother just seemed to drift
further and further from my life.

glancing around the room I heard a soft, deep voice beside me call my name.


my head I saw a rather large man with big green eyes looking at me sadly.

Klein, how…” Before I could finish a single bead of blood ran from his nose.
In shock I stood swiftly, stumbling backward. The man stood slowly, approaching

he moved closer he announced loudly, “Sky, don’t do it. Please Sky.”
Louder and louder, closer and closer he got.

down his body I saw a knife embedded in his chest, and his clothes soaked with
blood. As I reached my hands out to push him away I found them covered in blood,
his blood, and shaking severely.

done it now, Sky, look what you’ve done. How could you, Sky?”

didn’t. I didn’t do it. Go away. Please.” Still stumbling backwards, more
people appeared to me, each of them covered in blood and yelling my name.

Sky, Sky, SKY!”

Go away!” Closing my eyes and crouching down in a corner I yelled over and
over again for them to go away. Then the screaming changed to quiet mumbles.

my eyes, I saw a crowd of people looking down at me as Dr Klein knelt down
beside me calling my name softly, trying to bring me out of it.

back, Sky. We lost you there for a while.”

Klein,” I said as I stood quickly pushing him away and looking around at the
many faces, still half expecting to see them covered in blood. From behind me
someone grabbed my shoulder. Pulling away as I swung my arm in an attempt to
push them away, I turned to see a familiar face before me.

are you all right?” the young man asked as he looked at me confused.

tears in my eyes I exclaimed, “Jake?” and with my shaking hand gently
touched his face.

my hand in his he pulled me into his arms as he said, “It’s all right, Sky,
everything is going to be all right.” Since my father had died, the only place
I ever felt safe, I mean really safe, was in his arms. I knew that he would
never let anything hurt me. Not even the ghastly people in my visions, as long
as he held me. He was the only one I trusted now.

and I had known each other since we were very young, and since my father had
died he kind of became my guardian angel. He would always be there for me,
he’d always love me and never hurt me. He had become a part of my life, part
of me. The best friend a person could ever have.

at me, Sky,” he said softly as he lifted my chin, “you’re going to get
past this, you always do.”

take me away from here,” I pleaded.

about…” he asked, looking up at Dr Klein.

Jake. I can’t be here.”

his jacket around me, he closed the door behind us and walked down the drive,
leaving Dr Klein and the many patients staring at us. We didn’t speak for a
couple of minutes. I assume he was giving me time to calm down. We went to a
place in the nearby woods where we used to spend a lot of time when we were
children. It was a small abandoned hut hidden away behind a wall of large trees.
To the back was a small stream that never stopped flowing, winter and summer. On
either side lay several small animal shelters that had fallen into piles of
firewood. We walked in through the creaky wooden door that Jake had mended
several years before. He took his jacket and hung it on a turned wooden hook by
the door. As I looked around, it brought back so many good memories about our
childhood – the many rainy days we had spent sitting in front of a pretend
fire just telling secrets, and the days when we had just sat in silence
listening to the sounds of the forest.

broke the silence. “Life was simple back then, wasn’t it?” I nodded.
“Sky, why won’t you talk to me, we used to share everything. Why are things
so different now?” he asked.

don’t know, they just are.” I stared out at the forest.

you want to tell me what happened back there?”

do you mean?”

known you a long time, a very long time, Sky. I have never seen you walk away
like that. I would almost think that you were scared, that you were running away
from something or someone.”

well I guess you know me better than I know myself.” Turning to him I
continued, “You want to know what I was running from, do you? Me, I was
running from me. I’m terrified of myself, of what my sick mind sees. Do you
have any idea what it’s like to see what I see? Do you? It makes you insane. I
don’t know what’s real and what’s not.”

are you talking about, what do you see?” Jake asked as he approached me.

don’t sleep at night because of what I see. Every time I close my eyes, I see
them. Their bodies, their blood, their cries for mercy. They’re everywhere.
They’re in my room, at the shops, in the shadows. Everywhere I go they follow

Sky, who are you talking about?” he exclaimed as he gently shook me by the

the ghost, Dr Klein. I don’t know most of them. They just keep yelling at me.
I killed them. Their blood’s all over me. How could I do it?” Hysterically I
began wiping my hands on my clothes as though I was trying to clean the blood
off. “It’s all over me, I can’t get it off.”

me but failing to bring me out of it, Jake held me tightly as I pushed and
shoved him, trying to remove the blood from my skin and clothing. Finally losing
my strength, I felt my body go numb as I fainted.

I awoke I found myself in hospital with the blankets twisted around my body and
the soft sound of someone breathing as they slept. Jake sat by my side in an old
wooden chair, his head resting uncomfortably against the wall. Trying quietly to
climb out from under the covers, I hung my legs over the edge of the cold metal
bed. Standing slowly, still with very little strength, I stumbled and fell to
the floor, knocking over the breakfast tray. As the dishes smashed to the floor,
Jake awoke.

what are you doing? You’ve got to stay in bed.” Helping me back to bed he
called for a nurse.

am I here?” I asked.

nurse cleared away the dishes and left before he answered.

spoke to Dr Klein. He said that you were hallucinating as a result of the new
medication you were on.”

spoke to Dr Klein? Why?”

the pills you were taking were adjusted a few weeks ago.”


do you mean?” Jake asked inquisitively.

have no idea what pills you’re talking about. I don’t take any drugs. I
haven’t even seen Dr Klein in the past month.”

specifically said that your pills had been adjusted. Why would he say that if it
weren’t true?”

don’t know, but it’s not true.”

Sky, the main thing is that you’re ok. That’s all that matters.” Jake
softly kissed my forehead.

I’m not, Jake, don’t you understand that? What I’m seeing is not normal.
You saw me; did I look like I was all right? I actually believed that the blood
was there, that I had killed those people. I don’t know what Dr Klein is
talking about and I don’t care. I just want it to stop. I want to be able to
sleep at night without seeing them, without hearing the screams.”

we’ll get you home and have your prescription fixed up and I’m sure
everything will be ok again. I know you’ll get through this, Sky, you’re a
strong young woman. You can’t let this beat you. I won’t let you.”

to me carefully, Jake. Something is wrong with me. I don’t know what, but if
Dr Klein lied to you about the drugs then you can bet that he knows more than
he’s telling you. I saw him in my dream. He was one of them. Don’t tell him
anything. Do you understand? Please, Jake, just promise me that no matter what
happens, you won’t say any more about what happened at the hut. Promise me!”

but do you seriously think everyone’s trying to keep something from you?
It’s a bit far fetched, Sky.”

you believe for one minute that I would make something like this up? You know
me, Jake, better than anyone does; you must believe what I’m saying! I need
you to believe me. I don’t have anyone else to turn to!” My eyes began to
fill with tears.

look at me. Of course I believe you. I always have and I always will because I
love you. You know that, but it hurts me to see you like this. You have always
been so strong. You’ve never needed anyone. You need to listen to Dr Klein.
He’s a good man, even your father would have told you that. You would have
trusted your dad, I know you would have because you and he were one person,”
he said as he took my hand in his.

nodded and for the first time in my life realised just how much I was like my
father, yet at the same time how different. I had grown into this person who was
simply a clone of my father. I had never even entertained the thought that
maybe, just maybe, I needed to find myself and make my own decisions. I had
hidden the real me underneath a hard shell for so long that I had lost who I was
and had simply become my father as a way of filling the void that his death had
left in my life.

realised at that instant that I needed help but I just wasn’t ready to let go
of everything. Sure, I wanted to trust people as much as I trusted my father,
but it just wasn’t possible. One day maybe I would be able to but for now I
just needed Jake to be there for me and listen; he knew that. This was a
beginning for me, a new life in a way. One which I wanted to live in my way, not
my father’s. There was only one thing that I was certain of now and it was
that I had to find out what was happening to me. And I had to find out before it
tore me apart.



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