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Recollecting is the story of four people. One is a shaman, the next is an
archaeologist. Together the shaman and archaeologist come across a dark secret,
that at the start of time Earth was colonised by a superior species. This race called the Kaltaseans on the planet of Tendragos, was
seen to pass on their derelict technologies to earth and the final frontier is
space technology. The Kaltaseans are represented on earth by a villain called
Black, who is the head of an organisation ages old called the Shadow Assembly.

the way the shaman is mentored by a spirit guide called Santorias. Even though
the shaman succeeds in wiping out the Shadow Assembly, the people of Tendragos
are still inclined to wipe Earth out.

shaman Antonie, is forced to return to Tendragos where he becomes possessed by a

God, the Walker of Shadows wipes out the entire planet in a catastrophe and
after a period of years, the shaman who has been travelling in the spirit world
lost, returns to Tendragos and finds that it has become a

quest then becomes a search for meaning without civilisation where the final
answer is to return to a medieval like existence in a village. When the shaman
fights Black again and wins, he is elevated to the stars and takes up residence
among the Gods in a citadel of light.

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Format: A5 Paperback

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Genre: Fiction


Justin Skarott

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2006

Language: English




author has been writing fiction for over ten years, and has produced several
titles though many of them are not yet published. I come from an academic
background, and have specialised in Comparative Mythology for over five years.
For several years I studied at the University of New England and intend to complete a BA in either English Literature or Archaeology. I was
born in


and call Cairns
home above any other place.

I am currently single and
am working on a sequel to Shadows Recollecting, titled The Reflections of
Finally I have a third book written called the Battle for Light which
is the culmination of four years of mythological research and should be
available in the future. It acted as a basis upon which to write Shadows




a shaman is born they say if his eyes are closed that it is because already his
mind and thoughts are being drawn in to the other worlds that he will come to
depend on later in his life. And as he takes his first breath, the stars in the
heavens were thought to pause and dim their lights to acknowledge their loss. As
the baby was born, he was heard to cough and the thunder echoed. Within minutes
the rain fell and the tribesmen watched their dinner fire ebb away. Chaotically
the gathered hunters recovered the portions of their meals and sought shelter in
their huts. Each one took a firestick with them, and so it was that among a
humbled and tired tracker learned something that would change his life forever.

this was not enough, even though he heard the midwife chanting that their son
possessed the lightning spirit. This was so unusual for a couple with limited
mana or life force flowing through them that he put it to the back of his mind.
Immediately the tracker led his horse out of the village bordered by a shadowy
forest into a night of rain punctuated by wrathful lightning. Though it took
several hours to climb the mountain trail he took his time, knowing full well
the danger of mud slides. When he reached the cave of the village shaman, he did
not have the courage to announce his arrival. Everyone in the village feared to
cross paths with the shaman, the fact that it was the middle of the night only
accentuated the fact that one had to be mad to summon a shaman under such
circumstances. Kandu the newly appointed father and tracker planned to wait till
the morning dawned before he would dare risk such an enterprise as proceeding.
However the shaman Santorias ever uncanny sensed his presence even though the
tracker’s approach had been masked by the reverberation of the rain.

great one has been born into our tribe, the likes of which has never been
before. I knew of his coming many years before now. I have spoken at length with
the spirits of the ancestors and even they were reluctant to tell me of his true
potential or even how he alone would be this world’s only hope in alien days
and dark misgivings. You must take me to him, a battle is taking place in his
soul between the spirits of light and darkness which will ultimately plant the
seeds of his destiny. I must call my own guardian spirits to his defence, and
speak the sacred shaman song to his ears only. The journey between the traveller
and shaman back to the village was one of silence. Neither one wished to speak
their mind; Kandu, though he was respectful to the shaman, distrusted anyone who
had power over the invisible. In his own mind Kandu thought that his child was
normal and that it was the shaman’s choice to endow his son with supernatural

they arrived back at the village, Isara the mother was asleep and Kandu was
forced to wake her and carry her to their neighbours hut telling her that the
shaman needed to work in secrecy. Santorias the shaman, the fabled seer of old
began to chant the words of power that he could call upon at will from his
subconscious and in a manner detached from the moment. He would give strength to
the calling forth, a bid for the new spirit’s will and primal essence. The
shaman also gave of himself, the protection the boy would need as the infant
called out to find its own destiny. The aim of this was so he could know the
path he would take before he got there. It was to have a sense of being or
purpose to act with certainty through out the course of a frightening life.
Though the shaman sacrificed all that he possessed, he knew that the long road
he had travelled would end as the night gave way to the dawn. Santorias spoke
the foreign tongues not born of any world and became like a man who burned with
the fire of many men. Once the shaman called on Kandu to tell him what had
passed. He had said that a great and terrifying battle had taken place in the
spirit world and that many moons had passed there. Santorias conveyed that he
had faced death many times and that as a consequence the boy would command a
great presence among those he would walk among. At last the shaman could only
look through Kandu and not see him.

son would later explain that there are really two people within you, one can
stand outside of you and that this was the one that could travel wherever it
wanted while you were dreaming, and would come back to you upon waking. But the
boy had said his secret was that he saw the whole world as being a dream and
because of this the other worlds meant more to him than this place ever could.
Kandu later believed that that shaman was only a ghost for when Kandu and Isara
checked on their child later on they were bewildered to find that nothing
remained of the shaman’s presence. But before Santorias died he had taken
Kandu aside and told him something that would cause Kandu to lose much sleep for
the rest of his life. It was that his son would be the greatest power ever to
stand, and that he would travel to the distant lands that were unknown to his
people, so that he would be forgotten to them.

would come to be a symbol of hope to those who lacked faith, should he waver but
a little then the people upon this world would come to an end. Kandu was
mystified, he knew that he would be a poor teacher of one who would require many
fields of training. They called the boy Arith Kentu or more commonly Arius,
meaning the boy who even the demons fear. For many days he was a wonder among
the tribe, but as he changed and became unlike any other shaman they had known
they feared him, thought he was a threat. They were not to know that by placing
him in exile, he would become something else. Arius was fifteen when he left his
people, at the time he was very angry at being made an outcast and soon after
very powerful storms plagued the village.

would last for weeks at an end, and occasionally there would be an odd sighting
by a hunting party in the mountains or among traders even in the desert that
they had seen a young warrior who knew the secrets of the land and who
mysteriously lived and no one saw him carry a weapon once. About this time Arius
began to think very deeply about how to manipulate matter, how to defend himself
against injury, how to appear to be one thing and yet be another. He had
embarked upon a journey and he knew he would never return.         




stood upon the top of the mountain, it was an hour after dark and the air was
thin up there. Quite some distance away he could see the whisperings of the
ocean. It was a quiet place, a wilderness that would attract few if any others.
Too much space and reflection brought to many questions to his mind. He knew
however that he had to be there that this was a part of his destiny and that if
he tried to deny it he would never escape. All around him he could see for miles
in every direction, the grasslands, the forests and other mountains that could
not be reached without weeks of travel.

this one was the highest and because of this he was closer to the spirits and
visions than he would have been otherwise. As far as he could tell no one else
would ever know he had been there but that mattered little, in consequence with
what he hoped to achieve that night. He knew that he owed a life debt then and
there, he had a long fight ahead of him if he ever hoped to make his bid for
power successful. Upon the horizon were incalculable eventualities, matters
unresolved in his mind and he needed clear perception or he would fail and never
make it back. The way he saw it was of the price of the one for the many, the
need to defend those who had never dealt with spirits before, or know the many
ways in which they might intrude upon the world. If he wasn’t careful he could
lose himself to this place of power, it could decide to latch on to him and
never let him go and torment him as he journied through the void. Knowingly
he was cautious of getting caught in the depth between the endless worlds, that
somehow he could be cut off before he reached that higher power that was before

Seemingly he tried to detach himself from the world of attachments,
so that the world no longer confronted the senses. In some aspects his spirit
was projected out there as a timeless traveller who could never be content no
matter how much he might find. In his mind he kept telling himself stop trying
to control the situation, it would either come or it wouldn’t. There was no in
between. This was the meeting with truth, the time to be tested which was
inestimably far more important than merely fulfilling one’s duty. Up until
this moment he had thought he was ready, that he had always been a shaman and
that he had nothing to lose. Suddenly the thought of his own mortality welled up
in his mind, that was before the lightning spoke through him. Then and there
everything was torn apart and consumed, what he had been died and something new
took its place, but he was unsure what exactly. And before he knew it he was in
an altered state, madness clouded his judgement while his spirit moved across
great distances in a blur of motion.

What was happening? Part of him was no longer human but rather a
jaguar seeming to dance across the plains. The lightning seemed to strike and
before he knew it he was chasing the lightning up a bridge, but before he could
get all the way up the bridge broke. He seemed to continue to chase the
lightning bridge across the vastness of the plain. How could it make sense?
Before he had closed his eyes there had been no plain and now he wasn’t quite
so sure. No matter how fast he moved he was never fast enough. Was there a point
to all of this?
In a
sense he knew this was his chance for empowerment, he made no wrong move but he
could get no comfort out of it. And there I was caught in the lightning standing
before the light and the darkness, between everything and nothing.

I looked I could not feel the spirit of life, and yet I spun around that plain
with the lightning beside me trying not to lose the will to hang on. More then
anything it felt like I walked upon a razor’s edge or a revolving sword and
that I would never find peace again. Then a thought came to me between the
shadow and the flame, that the only thing I was holding on to was my own
mortality and that should I let myself die that I would cross that bridge that
taunted me so. The thing that I sought I knew it took its form from somewhere
else, somewhere even beyond the storm, but at that moment such a place could not
be defined. What I took from the lightning was not only wisdom but it was also
that there is a trail that exists which is beyond what you can see. No matter
how hard I tried the lightning seemed to elude me as if it were too much to
handle, as if I were dimming or passing through the light of aeons.

in that oblivion I seized upon thousands upon thousands of living beings, or
people that outnumbered even the stars. I seemed to sense that the entire human
race was right here, tiptoeing along the edge of an abyss and that this entire
vast struggle might come to an end when the next second passed. 
Here I realised that all that exists struggles
by moments, both confronted by joy and sorrow but yet never stable.
in that moment a great many shadows crossed my mind, a loss of hope, a loss of
being, a summit and extinction. A meeting among meetings where the purpose is
the intensity and beyond the power, a shattering of light and reforging of light
like a return to being.






thousand years ago a race of human beings having overpopulated their own world
sought to undertake an experiment on a planet called earth. They flew their
space crafts half way across the galaxy to a docking station in the middle of an
ocean. They called this place Atlantis where it was also called the Isle of the
Beginning or Ring of Fire. This Atlantis was a training base where people had
their memories wiped of the other world and of its technologies. Their more
advanced home world, was a place called Tendragos. This centre was located in
the middle of the Pacific Ocean where once they were ready they were ferried to
designated cities around the world, the fact that the Atlanteans where thought
to be native to the Atlantic was very important as a form of disinformation.
Over the course of history every human being on the planet at some point had
come from the mother planet Tendragos or were descended thereby much in the same
way how our ancestors had conceived that everybody came from the garden of Eden.

was also a secret faction of off-worlders however who were called the Shadow
Assembly ruled simply by a man called the Grey One or more simply the
Journeyman. The purpose of the Assembly was to keep the people of the Earth in
check so that they would never be a threat to Tendragos. However through the
course of ages Tendragos became so far ahead of the Earth in terms of technology
that they decided to pass on the remnants of what was derelict to the people of
the Earth. Hence the discovery of fire, marine transportation, agriculture,
warfare and the forge. In the modern world it was the light bulb, electricity,
the automobile, the telephone, the plane, nuclear physics and among other things
the implantation of thought into the minds of Da Vinci, Newton and Einstein to
name but a few. Throughout the ages the Shadow Assembly was thought to be
incorruptible, but they did not know what happened in that earliest of
beginnings, they could not know that their ancestors the Atlantites had left
evidence of their true nature and origin on Earth, that when Atlantis had been
destroyed ten thousand years ago that it had been far superior then our modern
day civilisation.

first came to light on an archaeological expedition in the deserts of
, near Hall’s Creek. As a matter of precaution the Shadow Assembly were not
involved in that dig, though they had over a thousand of their fellow members on
other digs around the world. They had planned for many scenarios but they had
expected that should something go wrong that they could cover it up with their
access to superior weaponry combined with hologram technology, astral
projection, pyrokenesis and telekenisis. Malcolm Turner was only one man who
happened to be in the right place at the wrong time, but it took him months to
decipher what he called the Prylex manuscript. It was not written in any known
language and when it did make sense it was so inconsistent with mankind’s
current knowledge of history and evolution that he could never be exactly sure
of the translation. At that time things began to get stranger in the world of
Malcolm Turner, one of his long term associates on the dig had mysteriously
disappeared and he was beginning to think that he was being followed.

is forced to sell the Prylex manuscript to a private collector, Malcolm however
senses that something is wrong, for starters no one on the dig knew of the
importance of the document and secondly no one would believe that it wasn’t
hoax, even trained academics would laugh at him. Malcolm agrees to part with the
Prylex not because he is scared even though the guy is armed but because he
already has most of it memorized. This is Malcolm’s first contact with the
Shadow Assembly and it is almost his last. Two days later he’s driving his car
along a stretch of coast road when a car pulls up beside him, a man raises his
hand up at the car and the car begins to steadily move off the road. After the
car goes off the road Malcolm jumps out of it in mid air and is free when it
enters the water. The car does not stop to check to make sure he’s dead but
merely drives on. Some how he does survive. In the next scene after Malcolm
passes out on the rocks, he’s awake in a hotel room on the Gold Coast wearing
a bandage or two from bruises and smoking a cigarette. Later on you find out
that Malcolm has faked his own death to protect himself. Malcolm decides to call
in a favour from a friend, this is Lilly a former girlfriend.

two worked together on digs through out the Middle East, Saudi Arabi and
. At the moment Malcolm only has a hunch, he does not know what he is looking
for or where to find this Ring of Fire but he sends Lilly out to
New Caledonia
to monitor shipping routes. His idea is that if the people who were trying to
kill him were hiding anything that the best place to look is at the source. In
the meantime Malcolm finds mention of another document in Mexico City that
alludes to the Ring of Fire in an early Mayan codex and also talks about how the
Gods of that Time moved between the worlds at will and how in the first days
they traded between worlds until they decided to cut ties between the motherland
and the colony world. Here it is said that though the Gods removed afar off from
their own kind that they did so that one would live in the light of knowledge
and the other might be born in ignorance.

the two worlds became independent of one another but the Gods decided to watch
the people of the earth from a great distant to preside over in judgement. In
that day Atlantis was destroyed which was also called Tendragos among the
elders. For the God’s thought that it would serve them not to remember the
name of Tendragos. They say that Atlantis drowned to take away the memory of the
stars that they knew, and they would continue to come among men till they were
numbered to the ends of the earth and only the Assembly would remain and honour
the Gods. But there was also a prophecy that when the Old world would become as
the New, or that when the men of the earth had the final secret to crossing the
oceans of space that the two would go to war so that only the one could remain.
In that final hour when the great revelation was to be proclaimed only one would
be ready.

would war with the heart for courage and there would be a great rain upon the
earth when a great wizard, the one among the many, the one elevated among the
many, the one who could equal the many would prove of greater mana and bearing
then what time could in altered being wield. Malcolm was beginning to see how
important his role could be, in what he saw to be a very dangerous time of
retribution. He was also worried about this battle between worlds because he
knew that no such saviour of men had ever existed, Jesus had never been a God of
war and valour but a man of compassion, a man expected in mankind’s darkest
hour. A man for the afterlife and not the current one.

greatest disadvantage was that he did not know that the ultimate decision of
whether to share the knowledge of large scale stellar transportation rested upon
the shoulders of the Shadow Assembly. Should they act pre-emptively it would be
certain that no leader would be ready for what they would face. Eventually Lilly
reported in with all the information she had gathered. Of all the ships
manifests only one freight ship was travelling with lighter supplies then the
others and only one headed out from the same port and returned without coming
into contact with any other ships over a prolonged period. It did not seem so
much that the ship was hiding something but rather that to find out what was
going on could be worth dying for. The ship was called oddly enough the Dissentor,
nobody could get onto it without ending up floating up in the harbour the next
day and there was even the rumour that no thief would attempt to get on board
even with the darkness to conceal their movement. A couple of days later Malcolm
was in the airport about to board the plane when he is pursued by two armed men
in trench coats. He narrowly misses being shot at and the security guards think
they are intercepting them. The two thugs kill half a dozen men before they
disappear into thin air and it is realized then that they were only holograms or
apparitions. They are then seen to be on the plane where they introduce
themselves to Malcolm.

should of stayed dead the first time, or better yet stayed in
Mexico City
. Did you really think that you could seek us out and we would let you? But you
have shown a great deal of resource and in intelligence to get this far. Because
of this we shall let you live for the time being. Our employer already has your
tablet but he suspects you might have stumbled across something else in the
meantime and he doesn’t like surprises. Behave yourself and you may come to
see the impossible manifest itself as reality.’





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