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America’s drive to expand its influence,
control nations, interfere in their internal affairs and create a worldwide
empire is continuing unabated. It is continuing under the pretext of the
so-called “war on terror” and the mainstream media is giving it all
legitimacy by constantly repeating American propaganda without any alternative
or truthful perspective.

Every terrorist attack, carried out in
response to this American imperialism, merely serves to reinforce this campaign
and the Police State being created to control the population. Meanwhile, America’s
major ally, Israel, continues its occupation and oppression of the Palestinians
with total impunity. However, more and more people are realising the threat
posed by America, Israel and their allies and are now standing up to their
aggression and interference.

In Resistance: Opposing the American
, author Stephen Kaposi utilises extensive research and sources to
provide an account that supports these viewpoints. The intention is to highlight
the real issues that are being suppressed by a mainstream media that is
providing a biased, pro-American and pro-war coverage of events by willingly
passing on government propaganda.

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Stephen Kaposi

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2005

Language: English


The Introduction begins by providing a summary of each of
the chapters, which will reproduce the paragraphs appearing below. The
Introduction gives some discussion and perspective on the issue of terrorism and
most importantly on American (and Israeli) hypocrisy on the issue. The issue of
Western imperialism is discussed to give a taste of what so many countries
around the world has experienced at the hands of the West. Important perspective
is also given to the London bombings and some of the reasons behind it. 


Chapter One         
The Invasion of Iraq: The Collapsing “Case” For War


Chapter One, The Invasion of
Iraq: The Collapsing “Case” For War
, attempts to show clearly how the
“case” made principally by the United States and Britain to justify their
invasion of Iraq has unravelled and collapsed. It draws on the author’s
previous writings and on as many news reports and information as possible,
including all main reports released by the US government pertaining to the
issue. Each of the main arguments presented by the US and Britain will be
summarised and then the evidence debunking them will be discussed. 


Israel and Palestine: Yasser Arafat, the “Security” Barrier and the
Media’s Role


Chapter Two, Israel and Palestine: Yasser Arafat, the
“Security” Barrier and the Media’s Role
, provides a perspective on the
Israeli/Palestinian conflict based on research, news reports and official
documents, from the point of view of supporting the Palestinian side. The
chapter will include a detailed look at issues relating to Yasser Arafat, the
“security” barrier Israel is building, and how the United Nations and the
international community has dealt with these issues. The American-sponsored
“road map to peace” is discussed to show that it is not a serious effort to
create a just peace between the Israelis and the Palestinians. The chapter also
seeks to present information to counter what the author believes is mainstream
media coverage that is generally biased towards Israel. The overall intention is
to show the widespread suffering of the Palestinians and the injustices they
have suffered at the hands of Israel. 


The Occupation of Palestine: October 2002 to November 2004 (Arafat’s


Chapter Three, The Occupation
of Palestine: October 2002 to November 2004 (Arafat’s death)
, continues
from the previous chapter but concentrates on the effects the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict has had on the Palestinian population. The chapter
concentrates on a two-year period, with this period being largely representative
of the Palestinian situation, especially since the start of the latest
Palestinian uprising in September 2000. More discussion will be provided on how
the United Nations has reacted to the conflict and the Israeli actions in and
around Rafa in the Gaza strip throughout 2004 is discussed as an example of
Israeli actions. Some of the effects on children are discussed to show how
destructive the conflict has been on the most vulnerable section of the
population. The chapter also discusses those Israelis who oppose their
government’s actions and who are calling for a change of Israeli policies
towards the Palestinians.


Chapter Four         
American Imperialism: Part One


Chapter Four, American Imperialism: Part
One, continues to document how Western nations, particularly the United States
and Britain, are using the pretext of the “war on terror” to continue the
centuries old campaign of imperialism to, in effect, dominate the world. This
chapter concentrates on the Bush administration’s actions against the
following countries: Iran, Syria/Lebanon, Russia/Ukraine, China and North Korea.
America’s actions against Afghanistan over the past 25 years are also
discussed to show how ruinous it has been for that country.


Chapter Five         
American Imperialism: Part Two


Chapter Five, American Imperialism: Part Two, could
be considered a sequel to the previous chapter, but it expands the discussion
into new areas. American actions in Central America and during the Cold War,
including covert CIA actions in various countries, are discussed to give a taste
of what American foreign policy has “achieved” over the years. The American
fundamentalist Christian right wing is discussed to show who exactly represents
George Bush’s main political support base, and how they can be considered
“religious extremists”. America’s relationship with Uzbekistan is
discussed to show America’s hypocrisy when it talks about human rights and
democracy. A few recent examples are given of how countries have tried to exert
independence from America and check its interference and worldwide advance,
which is very rare to see in the world today. Finally, examples are given of
American opposition to what were two actual “humanitarian interventions”,
which presents not just a good example of American hypocrisy and double
standards in the world, but how the media goes along with the American line. 


Chapter Six              
The Mainstream Media


Chapter Six, The
Mainstream Media
, documents what is commonly referred to as the
“mainstream media” and how it presents a one-sided coverage that favours
governments and the establishment line. The extent to which the media has been
concentrated into the hands of a relatively few powerful corporations is also
discussed. Examples will be provided to support these views, especially in
relation to the media’s coverage of the Iraq war and the Israeli-Palestinian
conflict. Examples of suppressed history will also be provided to show how the
victorious Western powers and its media tend to create one accepted version of
history that avoids unsavoury or inconvenient facts.

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About the


Stephen Kaposi has
studied world events for a number of years and is driven by what he believes is
the danger of the Bush administration’s war making and its response to the
September 11 attacks. He has been motivated to write and publish important and
unique perspectives on current events that argue against American foreign policy
and related subjects. These include three books and over 300 articles published
on the Internet. His articles have been reproduced on at least ten websites that
he is aware of and he has also had articles published in New Dawn
magazine and the online Z Magazine. He resides in Sydney, Australia.



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