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Judgement Day is brewing for
Magician and his dark angelic kingdom. Born into this present age is a girl,
Flower, the one for the choosing.
Flower is pursued by Magician and another strange divine presence, Kali.
There is a key Flower must find that will determine Magician’s survival and
the salvation of millions. Also casting Magician’s future is the angel
Gabriel, who is the companion of the Lord, the Shining One.
These characters journeys to the end of our earth is charged with fear and
danger, intrigue and adventure.
The weaving of romances will touch you and also shock you.
The events that lead to the destruction of our earth and also the arrival of
judgement day are fast, moving, contemporary and frightening. Read this
original and fascinating book and you will never be the same again.

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Author: Irene

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books

Date Published: September 2003

Language: English


From the author…

I was born in Kalgoorlie to an Australian mother and
a Latvian war refugee father who later became a miner.
At 11 we moved to Perth where I completed my high schooling at
John Forest Senior High School.     
At age 17 I joined the Australian Army. Later I married and had a
We lived in Sydney and travelled for a short time to Asia.     
We divorced and my daughter and I settled back into Perth. I worked some time
with young people and drug addicts.    
I now live with my present husband and three teenage sons in the hills
area of Perth. I work full-time and enjoy writing, bush walking and poetry.                                                                    

……Irene Attwood



Magician was
locked in an unfathomable insight.  Huddled
into himself, he overlooked his kingdom, below and beyond, through his
mountaintop castle entrance doors, now open. 
Honey dripped from his fingertips that barely peeped from the long
sleeves, of his hooded black monk’s robe he always wore, wrapped close to his
glowing body.  Rarely speaking out
loud, he preferred to pierce commands using his endless sky blue eyes, that once
you connected with drew you into a maze there was no way out of. 
An aura of ice, which no fire could melt, blew about him. 
However a wisp of lost innocence, threaded with an unapproachable
longing, leaked out ever now and then, leaving you guessing as to if he was
dreaming in another time and place.

Kingdom was one he despised. For its passing victory was soon to be dissolved by
fire and brimstone.  Snatched out of
his grasp.  Worse than this, his
princes and serfs were to be destroyed too. 
Yes, he shuddered at the thought; even he too would evaporate from time
and space to be no more.  To be
judged, found guilty, and executed before all he had command of, seemed too
preposterous after all these eons of years. How could he loose all at this stage
of his evolving?

it was beginning to happen.  Already
the winds were licking whirlpools across his mountaintop home. 
Shadows of deep darkness crept in spasms through the craggy rocks
surrounding his castle. No longer did the sun sweep warm across the face of his
mountain, preferring to blow freezing breezes before its rays. 
Even the foundations of his castle that was built into the side of the
solid rock had begun to crumble.  Its
colour now had sunk into a green and black rather than its original red and

sign”, he shivered, “ Yes.”  Colour
even refused to reflect for him anymore.

vision of his past glory sheared into his heart like an arrow flying through.

he screamed within. ‘I cannot dare remember my regrets, my past glory. 
Or worse think upon the glory of the One, the all Shining One.’ 
Then he saw her… the girl, a spider orchard hidden among the wild
weeds.  The flower!

fragments of an ethereal past welled up, swelling into a pain strange and
forbidden within.  It poured forth
into a song that made the princes freeze in great horror of before. 
Treasure supposedly buried forever exploded tearing memories into the
present.  A present that they all
were desperately trying to exist in, as the future catastrophe of the end stole
ominously nearer.  Their master
often burst into cascades of music that kept them forever in the power of his
grip.  But this! 
This was too poignant, sacral sweet, scented in a past long forgotten,
and best not remembered.  Not here. 
Not now. It made them ache with a longing for something, for someone they
could no longer discern.  They gazed
at him with amazement.

honey usually like the colour of white gold now dripped blood.  His eyes usually hidden by the shadow hood now glowed
luminous jewels, radiating a rainbow swirl, that flew off beyond the horizon. 
His huge body trembled, throwing off shivers of gold dust, as an ocean
tide going in to shore.

the only one who could enter close to Magician, rushed out of his office,
feeling a drawing that stirred embers of long lost feast days as he echoed
inside the song his master had just created that seemed to blossom almost on
madness.  Did not his master realize
where he was, in what time and space they now occupied?

Magician was not with them.  He was
connected across the mountain to another sphere. 

flower. It was time.” 

was not dreaming.  This was real. 
He almost caught a prayer in his throat, but he desperately fought it
off.  The power of disappointment
and failure would destroy him.  It
would break open the ice.  Who knew
what would lurk within?  He shook
and grabbed his cloak closer, as he fastened on the rainbow swirl disappearing
beyond into the sky, down into the chasm of earth below. 
To whirl its way to a girl.  The
girl he would call flower.  For if
the unique delicate exquisiteness of her soul could give off both the fragrances
and heaven and earth fallen, to the Shining One, then who knows what mercy may
give birth to. 

fashioned himself inwards where no one could find him, what his thoughts, his
intents and his dreams were.




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