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Jayne Keener is a young, single
all-American girl who, like so many newcomers to the world of Cyberspace, finds
herself drawn into the shadowy world of cybersex and adult chat rooms. Following
the murder of a suave, mysterious Englishman she has met in a Manhattan bar,
Jayne finds herself sucked ever deeper into the subculture of Internet chat
rooms. It is in one such room that she encounters Philip H. Dreedle;
professional hacker, convicted rapist and stalker. Suddenly, Jayne’s once sane
life is turned on its head, and not even her closest friends are what they seem.

Set in New York City during the summer of 2001, against a topical backdrop of
terrorism, seething political turmoil in the Middle East, Internet Stalker is a
thrilling blend of fact and fiction. And the heart-stopping twist at the end
will leave you feeling like you have fallen off a cliff…


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Format: Paperback

Number of pages:

Genre: Fiction


Author: Ross L. Barber 

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books

Date Published: August 2003

Language: English


About The Internet Stalker

In late 1998, I discovered the Internet, and soon thereafter, the new
phenomenon called ‘Chat rooms.’ Fascinated, I steeped myself in this amazing new
electronic subculture and quickly learned it was a microcosm of “real
life” with its good and bad sides: one in which people could establish firm
and enduring friendships with their counterparts from all corners of the Globe,
which I certainly did. However, I also witnessed, intrigued, some really bizarre
behavior, and the raft of deception, lies and erotic fantasies, endemic to this
new, addictive, high-tech world in cyberspace. Yet few of my friends and
acquaintances knew anything significant about Internet Chat rooms, their rituals
and rules, and that millions participated in them daily, so I decided to
disabuse them.

In midsummer, 2001, I wrote an
about it in American idiom, a challenging task for an Australian, and I quite
randomly set the book in Manhattan, New York City. To add some drama, I created
a deadly stalker. In the first week of September 2001, I wrote the first page.
And then 9/11 happened.

During the following week, I sat transfixed in front of my TV in a state
of shock like the rest of the world, watching the terrorists destroy the World
Trade Center that would transform life forever. From that moment on, my book
took a new twist: I interwove a subplot of Islamic terrorism, simmering in the
background until the shocking climax on the last page.            

I hereby declare this work a memorial to the fire fighters and
paramedics who bravely gave their lives, and the victims who perished in this
dreadful cataclysm.

May the world never forget this dark moment in history!

……….Ross L Barber, October 2002.

Chapter 1

        The young woman gritted her
teeth, scrunched up her face, then she thrust up her pelvis towards the monitor
and, with an uncontrollable shudder she let out a primordial scream. She clamped
her thighs around her left hand, held it there for a few seconds and then she
groaned and slumped back on her computer stool exhausted. She lay inert for a
minute that seemed like an eternity. She was butt-naked except for her panties
dangling around her ankles. Outside, the temperature was in the nineties. Her
body was covered in a patina of sweat shimmering in the fading, late afternoon
sunlight. She still trembled with the afterglow of the passion that engulfed her
only minutes before. Eventually the spasms ceased. She sighed, ran her fingers
through her hair, and muttered, “Man, that was hot! But it’s not what
well-bred young ladies are supposed to do. But hey, it’s 2001. I’m living in the
Village and it was as exciting as real sex, maybe better than some I’ve
had,” she purred, “so why not go for it? Mmmm, Paul sure knows how to
pleasure a girl.” Jayne then smiled recalling the moment. With a sigh of
satisfaction, she switched off the monitor and padded wearily off towards the
bathroom. Turning on the hot water, she stepped in. As she lathered her body
with sensual Chanel No. 5 body gel, the light suddenly went out, plunging the
tiny room into darkness.



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