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Asked Questions

          Below are frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Poseidon Books service and
publishing packages.

are ‘second publishing rights?’

  • Second
    publishing rights are the rights to use artwork that has been previously
    published elsewhere. An example is using a painting that has been previously
    published on the cover of a book on the cover of an audio CD.

are ‘non-transferable rights?’

  • Non-transferable
    rights are those rights which are granted to one person or company and
    cannot be used by another, third party. Publishing rights for artwork
    commissioned by and used in Poseidon Books Publishing projects, for example,
    are non-transferable. We license the rights to use the art in your book. But
    if you later decide to publish your book elsewhere, you cannot use the same
    art; you must obtain new art for the new edition of the book.

is the retail price of my book determined?

  • The
    Recommended Retail Price (also known as the RRP or “cover price”)
    of your book is determined by Poseidon Books, based on the production cost
    and size of the book.

I include photographs in my book?

  • Yes. You
    can include black and white photographs, line art (B&W images with no

many images can I include in my book?

  • It
    depends on the book package, talk to us with your requirements.

long does it take before my book is available for sale?

  • Once the
    cover design and layouts are approved and we send your book to the printer,
    it takes about four weeks before your book is ready to be ordered. The entire
    process, from receipt of your contract until the book is available for sale,
    takes an average of 8 to 12 weeks.

What about sales to bookstores? Do you
supply them or do I have to buy the books first?

  • Poseidon
    Books distributes all titles through our distributor Zeus
    Publications.  Books are supplied to shops in the normal manner and
    stocks are kept on hand, should there be a demand for the title.  There
    is no cost to the author for this service and a royalty still applies on
    bookstore sales.

kinds of books do you publish?

  • We
    publish all kinds of books, including how to books, children’s books,
    fiction, non-fiction, yearbooks, family history books and many other genres. We reserve the right to reject any submission. We will not
    publish libellous or slanderous material, or any material
    deemed illegal by municipal, state or federal law. 

do I get paid?

  • We send
    you half yearly sales reports showing the total number of books sold (if
    any) in the previous period, and the total royalties owed to you. We will
    send you a cheque for the amount of royalties owed, usually if the amount is
    $AUD20.00 or over.  Amounts less than that will be held over until the
    next period.

you need an ABN number?

  • The
    average person does not need an ABN number (Australian residents only),
    however if you are a professional writer, you will certainly need one  to comply with
    Federal Tax Law. 

will my finished book look like?

  • Your book
    can be published in either trade paperback 200 x 130 mm or A5 paperback size
    and perfect bound. 
  • Paperback
    book covers are printed in full colour on one side, front and back (unlike
    books printed by some online publishers, who print only B&W covers).
  • Sometimes
    it is a good idea to buy one of our books so you can see the quality with
    which they are produced.

if my book has already been published elsewhere?

  • As long
    as your publishing agreement for your book does not transfer rights to the
    existing publisher, then you can publish your book through us. Note that
    paperback (softcover) and hardback (hardcover) rights are often treated
    separately. For example, if your book is currently available in hardcover
    form and you have not also transferred the paperback rights to your
    publisher, then we may be able to publish a paperback edition of your book.
    When in doubt, it is always best to consult an attorney, who can look over
    your agreement (contract) and determine if you can publish your book through
    another publisher, perhaps in a new edition.

you edit my manuscript before publishing it?

  • A full edit is included with
    the partnership plan and the self publishing package.  Our
    editors will focus on typographical errors, improper syntax, and the like.
    We do not alter the  composition of your manuscript in any substantial
    form without consultation with you  and you always have final approval over any recommended

already have an ISBN. Can you use it for my book?

  • No.
    Whenever a new edition of a book is published it must have a unique ISBN. If
    the title, publisher, manuscript/text, author, publication date or format
    (e.g., binding, size, etc.) changes, the new book is considered a new
    edition and requires a new ISBN. Each publisher has its own Publisher’s
    Prefix Number, which is incorporated into the ISBN for each title. We will
    assign a new ISBN for your book.

I submit my books layout myself?

  • Layout and
    design is one of the services we provide as a publisher and design studio,
    and the fees for each Package includes these services.
  • We accept
    manuscripts only in MS Word, RTF or Text. We do all of the formatting of
    your manuscript within MS Word or Lotus Word Pro.
  • Complex
    designs (i.e., any design that does not closely match one our design
    templates) may subject your job to additional costs. If this is the case, we
    will send you an estimate of extra costs for your custom design.

I design my own cover?

  • Absolutely.
    You can be as creative as you like. We will incorporate your design as much
    as possible.

is a ‘graphic’ or ‘illustration?’

  • Any image
    other than straight text printed inside the book is considered an image.
    Examples include drawings, photographs, charts and graphs, and the like.

sending images to be included in my book. What format do you need them to be?

  • We use
    industry standard TIFF image files in production. Image files should be
    sized at “original size” and no less than 300 DPI, or “dots
    per inch.” By “original size” we mean that the image file
    needs to be the same dimensions as the image will be printed in your book.
    So if you have a photograph that you want printed at 6×4″ in the book,
    make sure that the scanned image is sized at 6×4″ and at least 300 DPI.
  • If you
    intend to use a small image at a larger size in your book, make sure to scan
    it at a higher resolution rather than enlarging the image after it is
    scanned. For example, if you have a 2×3″ image that you want printed in
    your book at 4×6″, then set the scanner to scan the image to 4×6″
    at 300 DPI or scan it at 600 DPI.
  • All
    B&W line art images should be in 1-bit or “bitmap” format, 600
    DPI. All grayscale images should be in 8-bit or “grayscale”
    format, at 300 DPI or better. All color images must be in 24-bit CMYK
    format. Images not submitted in the appropriate format will be converted for
    a nominal extra fee.

you scan my photos or pictures for me?

  • If you
    are not familiar with scanning and manipulation of digital images, we can
    scan your original photos or pictures for you. 

should I submit my files?

  • If you
    are submitting only your manuscript file, you can send it on a 3.5″
    floppy disk (PC format), CD-Rom, DVD or email attachment. If submitting graphic files (i.e., TIFFs) you may submit them on a CD/DVD-ROM.
    Make sure your files are named so as to indicate what they are.  Click
    for our mailing and shipping address.

I get extra books at a discount if I need them?

  • Yes. Each
    Publishing Package includes a number of copies of your book that are sent to
    you as part of the Package. You may purchase extra books at the 40% author
    discount, plus shipping charges.

I embed images in my manuscript?

  • Your
    manuscript can be sent to us as a Word doc which may include images. It is
    best however, to send the images separately for us to include.

I use colour images in my book?

  • Unfortunately
    no. All books published by Poseidon Books are printed in black ink only.

    How do consumers know my book
    is available?

    When your book is ready for
    printing, the cover and promotional copy is uploaded to our web sites for
    purchase.  The book will be included in our catalogue, which is sent to
    bookstores, and will assist in the sales of your book. 

    Where can
    someone buy my book?

    Poseidon Books  are available
    for purchase on our Internet site, at selected retail outlets, or by our
    telephone order system.

    Why should I
    choose Poseidon Books to publish my work?

    We create attractive, paperback
    books suitable for distribution in any store at a fraction of the cost of
    traditional self-publishing . Benefits include retaining creative control
    and ownership of the work and receiving a higher percentage of the price as
    earnings. Our
    ambition is to combine the best characteristics of print-on-demand
    publishing with those of traditional publishing.


    You retain all rights to your book. You are the copyright owner and your
    name will be listed on the copyright page of your book.

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