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“Curse of the Wings” is the sequel to Daniel’s “Butterfly Kisses”. The quandaries in the character’s mind live on in “Curse of the Wings” as he tries to find answers to his mysterious connection to ‘Butterfly’ and the painful events of a large slice of his life. 
Dr. Anne Winning, Regional Director for the department of Employment and Training’s comments on “Butterfly Kisses” were…‘Daniel’s book is written from the first person perspective of a man going through a significantly difficult time in his life. He writes with an open heart about the struggles a man goes through at a time of a major life-transition. He makes no
pretence about the trauma involved, yet his desire to live with integrity ensures that he keeps rolling with the punches. It is truly amazing just how many blows the man sustains with a woman with whom he experiences an extraordinary attachment. This book reveals just how difficult it is to be true to ourselves and live with integrity, yet it also poses the question of what we do to our lives if we do not follow the quest. An intriguing
Trish King, Director and National Training Manager for Trish King and Associates
‘I found this novel written by Daniel McKinnon to be such a fascinating read yet compelling journey of intrigue, adventure and self-discovery that I couldn’t put the book down. I can truly identify with the character James and his life motto of “wax up and paddle out”. So much so, that I have adopted this phrase and attitude in my training and consultancy business. He has given me the courage to deal with some harrowing situations in my life. Thanks James! I’m really looking forward to Daniel’s next book to find out what James’ next adventures will be and where it takes him. Daniel, as you commit to often – Wax up and Paddle Out! Life is one epic journey of little twists and turns…’

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Format: A5 Paperback

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Genre: Fiction


Daniel McKinnon

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2006

Language: English


the Author


            Butterfly Kisses was
Daniel’s first published book. It was written as the product to open up a
creative passion. It was also written as a healing medium for some painful and
difficult years of his life with many disappointments and losses to handle.

Daniel had perceived that life had dealt its bitterest cards. He was
wrong, and he needed to brace himself even harder and dig his fingers into the
ledge even deeper. The part of the dusty road that had seemed so rocky was no
where near the highway yet. It is still a long and lonely track with little
shade from life’s scorching sun.

The small capsule of relief that he decided to use as a panacea was
within the escapism of the following sequel to Butterfly Kisses. Although
tragedy often gives birth to creativity, he is hoping that he doesn’t need to
become any more creative.

The up side to all this has been the enjoyment that others have gained
from reading Butterfly Kisses and he
trusts all will gain even more in the mystical story of the sequel. So, please
enjoy, Curse of the Wings.



Curse of the Wings
is pure fiction. The characters, names and events are all fictional therefore,
any resemblance to real persons, names and events is coincidental. However some
of Daniel’s own life experiences have of course, been a catalyst to setting
the shape of the final story into a solid, finished product.

A symbol that the author wears is based on a precept of ‘breaking
through the illusion’. Life is mostly illusion or at least perception. In
other words it is only a truth to us alone, even as close as we can become to
another human being. There is many a cliché bringing this home to us, ‘The
glass half empty or half full,’ and so on. However, the cliché has a solid
foundation. Happiness, anger, fear, peace, love, goodness, badness, all of these
things emanate from the human brain. The energy taken to fuel any one of them is
equal. It is purely our choice whether we want to be happy or sad, angry or at
peace. We are all where we want to be, we are all who we want to be in the end.
We must be, because we are all born with the qualities and more than enough
power and ability to change any one of those things at any time.

Often we choose to sit in a mud puddle and lament how dirty we are.
It’s only because it suits us that we don’t raise ourselves up and wash it
all away. Frequently it’s a warm bath that we don’t want to leave. Some of
us want to be able to solicit others pity. Some of us are too lazy to move. Some
of us lack the courage to feel the shock of the cold cleansing water, but it is
only a choice.

once argued this concept with a good friend and mentor of mine, my boss at the
time. I was bemoaning the fact that in the beach resort town that I lived in so
many bums surfed all day and drank all night, while I too was a surfer and yet I
toiled at my job. He returned, “Well, that’s because you choose to do what
you do.”

“What?” I replied, “I have to pay off a mortgage and put food on
the table and pay my bills. They just
bludge off my taxes, on the dole! I have
to do it.”

He came back with, “Exactly, your pride in yourself requires what you
do. You prefer to live in a nice home that one day you will own. You prefer to
drive a car that’s not clapped out. You prefer to pay your bills and be able
to look anyone in the eye. You prefer to have your woman’s pride in you when
she gazes into your eyes. You also like to be able to look with pride at the man
in the mirror. Starting tomorrow, you could do exactly the same things they do,
but you prefer or choose to be you, so you might as well start enjoying being
you instead of comparing yourself to people that you don’t even respect. Oh
and Daniel, you get to do both;
because of their choice, they will
probably only get out of life what they are getting now. They will wear the
results and then whine about their sad lot, it’s all a choice.”

never forgotten Donald’s words. The energy used to bitterly and angrily oppose
everything in life could fuel the courage to embrace it or at least the bit of
it we want. The energy that fuels hatred and turns people away from us could be
used to learn to love and thus draw even more to us. The energy taken to fight
everything and be unhappy could be used to be happy. Many have deep-rooted
reasons from the past that they feel entrap them, but they will live for years
in misery. Some never take the steps to confront the problems or get the help
needed to put them on a road to recovery. Many spend so much time pushing loved
ones away – loved ones that would have helped to carry the load – that they
forget to have a life.

There is so much to learn and so little time. Knowledge without the
wisdom of the application is useless. Learn as much as you can as early as you
can and apply it as early as you can. To put it frankly the theory of, Oh I have to go through it all to learn it, is bullshit! Learn from
others, observe, listen, read. You don’t have to dive into a mud puddle to
know it’s dirty. True, you may not get to feel the consistency of the gloop or
get to choke on the slimy fluid, but you can check out the last person who got
out of the pond. You can ask, “Is it better in there than in that nice, cool,
clear running stream mister?”

Go to rehabilitation centres and talk to the inmates. Go to an orphanage,
go to the children’s ward at the hospital, go to an old age home, and talk to
a street bum. Look at those less fortunate and only berate yourself for your own
stupidity if you are not happy with the life within your own hands. The
foundation of existence is a circle of actions. The Eastern religions and
Christianity alike have a similar doctrine on this issue. In the east, karma and
in Christianity, ‘You reap what you sow.’

read a lot of interesting learning material. One recently, from a book a friend
gave me, Life is unfair, accept it. There is more peace in acceptance than in
resistance. Learn to work with what is a fact. We can choose to be victims or
confront it with understanding.
And then it mentioned the Karma theory,
Remember, he that kills will be killed. He that cheats will

be cheated.

If we knowingly go into a dangerous place in our lives, who do we blame
for the end result? A classic point from Swami Sukhbodhananda,
a crocodile is still a crocodile even wearing silk

How we treat others and ‘let’ them treat us is a reflection of our
own self-image. Instead of going down the trail of self-destruction, check your
own self-image in the mirror. If you are not happy with what you see, adjust
your tie. Letting others abuse you will not fix or alter something you are
unhappy with in your own self. Put the work in and fix it even if that means
getting professional help to do so. Keep a check in the mirror as you do for
your outward appearance everyday. When your hair’s a mess, you brush it. If
your collar is up, you adjust it. What do you do when your inner self is all

A good friend of mine just recently was at a party and felt very strange.
He wanted to drive home. His friends wanted him to take an ambulance to the
hospital. They eventually got him to listen to them. He passed out at the
hospital. A huge blood clot had travelled to his heart and shut down one
complete side of it. The doctors have since told him that he would surely have
died had he chosen to drive home. He has a young son that he wants to see grow
up. Ross is not out of danger but he now has a real chance.

One wrong choice can cost you your life or at least your happiness, which
in effect is the same thing. All I can say is, at least lessen the odds. I know
all this because I’m still making some of those mistakes, but I’m learning.
Look at life for what it really is, not what you want it to be, if it can’t be
so. Change whatever you can. Don’t let others control your mind. Never let a substance take over your mind. Your mind is your only
steering wheel for your ship. Without control of it you will most certainly end
up shipwrecked in life’s raging sea. Start living your life today. Be true to yourself, and remember, a
crocodile is still a crocodile even in silk pyjamas.

In other words, see life for all its lumps and bumps and especially its
obvious dangers. Don’t dress up what you know is dangerous and destructive in
the deceptive illusion of silk pyjamas to make it palatable.

I’ll get off my soap box now. Go get some chocolates and a bottle of wine,
curl up on the lounge and enjoy my new book.



Daniel  McKinnon


– Read A sample of Chapter One


of the Goddess



Seth, what have you done this time my brother?”

long cape of the stately warlord flowed behind him as he strode along the marble
promenade. Seth’s right hand was clenched around the handle of the ornate
golden rapier – as was his way. A gleam of reflected light shone off the
silver buckles securing his breastplate. His jaw was clenched tight in pensive

“Is that you Gabriel? Why do you seek me out? With your powers of
perception you already know all things that I do and that I feel.”

“My brother why do you
continue to feel? You know it is forbidden to feel or to think? You have the
inherent ability to make decisions but you must never exercise this gift. You
possess a free moral agency but you are not
free. You cannot be. It is a gift of knowledge, a privilege to hold within but
it is eternal suicide to open the lid of the golden chest of intelligent or
intellectual freedom. It is just for you to know that it is there. You have been
down at the Earth place this day haven’t you?”

“Gabriel, again you would already know this. Today I held within my
hand a dragonfly. It was so beautiful. It had wings like ours except they were
translucent like tiny sheets of diamond-mist.”

“Seth, listen to me. You know you are never
to touch the dragonfly or to hold one within your hand. Why have you taken such
a risk my ancient friend?”

“It is her isn’t it
Gabriel? Well, isn’t it? Isn’t it her? Answer me Gabriel, who knows of all
things? It is Akarshoni isn’t it? She had wings of diamond-mist. Would she
still be in that life form or would she be long gone into other lives? Tell me,
tell me if you know!”

“Seth, this is too dangerous for you brother. Your endless feelings for
her are driving you crazy. You were given a reprieve last time because of your
service and acts of goodness over the millenniums. But if you make contact with
her again, there will be no avenue for the Grand Master. He loves you Seth,
however his own decrees of justice will prohibit leniency this time. It will
become a point of law and principle.”

“I see, so again a made-up and useless law cast onto the alabaster
stone within the jade corridors of the celestial courts of justice? I also know
you my brother and in fact, the inner energy cells of all my brothers. Are you
telling me that you do not question these same matters and issues that are
burning within me? Just as I do?”

“You must never speak those words again Seth. Do not put the Great One
to the test or he will unleash the most cruel and never-ending pain upon you. It
is written that it will be this way.”

“It is WRITTEN? IT IS WRITTEN? And you never question the point of it being written?”

“Listen to me Seth, please my brother. She was in the position of
highest favour. The goddess who was his most prized possession of all the vestal
virgins that serve in the crystal temple. He adored his creation. Her hair of
molten gold on fire, her eye sockets set with emerald stone to adorn and
compliment the alabaster coating that was as skin. Yes Seth, her wings were diamond-mist, you know that. Her elevated position in the
universe was dependant on her not feeling love or inner connections to any other
creature. He was aware that some feelings had started to grow inside of you for
her. You were warned that you must never gaze into her eyes. But Seth, you broke
the rules. You visited the crystal temple did you not? Did you not look into
those settings of glistening emerald?”

“Yes my brother, you already know of this. Why do you put me through
some kind of inquisition?”

“To get you to see the danger! You gazed into her eyes and awakened a
stirring in both your souls from ancient times. He already felt the change point
inside his energy fields but her ruby lips began to pale and it was then evident
to the court of assembly that a rule had been broken. It has tormented him that
he had to deliver the statutes of his own divine decrees and banish her to the
earthly realm. You did put her
life-force into the creature with wings, so very long ago. However, she has
lived on, through many lives in the agonies of the men of clay. Her ache has
been for you, the creature of her awakening and her soul keeps calling you to
her. In her mortal forms she cannot remember what you looked like, but she would
feel your energy when close to you again. You must never mate with her or …”

“Or what Gabriel? We will both be eternally destroyed?”

“Yes you know it. You don’t fear this? Surely you do?”

“Do I? Do I? Or is the sanction for another reason? I have read from
the marble tablets in the inner secret room of ancient things. I do not have
enough power as a being to decipher the complete
code at this point, but I think the outcome is different. I think the fear is of
something of greater magnitude. It is the fear that our union may accomplish
something far more unpalatable to the Grand Master. The writings tell of a quest
for inner peace, a search for a grail, a symbol of a crusade to find
completeness and for each being. It is the connection to the one. The one that
has the mathematical matrix, matched to your own. I think the magnitude of the
action that was taken alerts a much greater fear than just the upholding of the
law itself.  You know of Michael’s
thoughts on similar matters to this. It is evident from many of his
manifestations and courses of action.”

“You entered the secret room? Seth no, no. What have you really done this time?  It
is too late for you now. He knows all things. You are surely now to be cast out.
You know the punishment. Why Seth, why?”

“Why? You ask me why? You, my friend have been my faithful companion on
many a battle with the dark side. We have fought side by side against the hordes
of Beelzebub. In these times of brotherhood we have exchanged our hearts and
inner thoughts. You know why – to be true to one’s self. To be true to
one’s inner, real core. You feel it too but you are too disempowered by fear
to take the step you know you want and need to.”

“And you are not afraid?”

“Not any more. Now that I have tasted feelings. I must find Akarshoni.
She will need me. Do you think the gains of honour and prestige in this
bejewelled Kingdom of Celestial Lights would mean anything to me now? If I were to gain eternity and live under this
clouded lid of untruth to myself, how would I gain anything? Nothing can hurt me
anymore. It is too painful without her. My pain in watching her suffer in that
place has taken away any ambitions. Is tangible dependant gain and status not
more your concern?

“No, my motivation is my love for the Grand One!”

“Is it? I hear that, every set moment of time from the general
assembly. A clichéd reply at best. I was granted the power also to see within. 
Question your own inner values and you will see. You are prepared to
compromise anything for these promises. It is not freedom of choice if it is a
choice made because of the threat of destruction. That would make us little more
than a robotic droid would it not?”

“It is not just eternal destruction I fear Seth, it is eternal torture
and pain that I fear more. His great powers fuelled by anger and jealousy are a
fearful thing.”

“Indeed it is so, and a very significant perplexity don’t you

“No, I don’t want to think, I must not. Seth, he granted you much
power. You were feared by the forces of darkness, but only because he infused
the level of dynamic power and strength into you that he did. He loved you and
made you a warrior against evil that instilled trembling amongst their darkest
warlords. Your heart is good. How can you continue? How will you be able to
continue to do what you know you must, if he withdraws those powers from you?”

“There are other types of strength and power. There is the power from
the sword of integrity, goodness and values. These armaments can conquer many

“The forces of evil are strong, especially in the Earth kingdom. You
will not have anyone to stand at your back when you face such ones. I cannot be
there to fight by your side this time Seth. You will be so alone. Without your
powers, do you think that you will make it? The Earth kingdom has been over run
by Beelzebub. We are, in the long run stronger, but right now for some reason he
is taking all that he wants unchecked.”

“Gabriel, in all the millenniums of battle have you ever seen
Beelzebub? Let me ask you further, do you wonder why such evil offends us so, we
have such great powers, and yet still it triumphs in the Earth place as you say,

“Maybe Seth that is because the men of clay are unique in that they
have been granted open choice to embrace the evil or the good and in many of
them there seems some of both.”

“Indeed, and in whose image were they formed my brother?”

“What is it that you are saying my brother? You cannot speak of such
things in these celestial courtyards. All things are heard.”

“All things except the cries of pain from the honest-hearted! I can speak of these things, it will just hasten my excommunication.
Grant me one last meeting with you to discuss some things, as it maybe the last
time we can ever speak. Please I beg of you.”

“All things are clear and transparent to him. His energy fields are
everywhere. This conversation has concerned me so. I am unsure of yet

“There is one place. The secret room of ancient things. The energy
fields constantly surround most if not all things that are the Celestial City . As you are aware, this room is guarded by seraphs. There is a reason that this
is necessary. I found out why. It is because the strength of the energy field if
operational internally would destroy some of the sacred treasures. There are
Earth things in there. Parchment manuscripts, marble tablets, some Earth
garments and much more from the Earth project. There are also things from some
of the other older worlds that we destroyed. 
It is filled with a special atmosphere as there are too many conflicting
substances and thus the energy field of knowledge surrounds it but does not
operate inside of it. It has a neutral internal field.”

“As you said Seth, it is heavily guarded, so I am sure that …”

“The guards will change in three moments of time and it is my way to
often inspect their post of duty. Also this will be close to the time-moment for
a full assembly in the greater outer courtyard of celestial lights, including
all seraphs. I will meet you there at the room at the ending of the third
moment. Within the space of a tenth of one moment we will have a chance to enter
and talk in neutral energy undetected, it has a neutral time-moment so we will
exit at the same time as when we entered.” 

“Seth I am afraid to challenge the fundamentals of …” But Seth was

Gabriel now had deep conflict to deal with. He was also feeling something, a sense of brotherly love for the warrior he had
fought beside for so many millenniums. He felt sad. This was dangerous. These
were Earth feelings. The blessings and maledictions bestowed upon the men of
clay – feelings. To a spirit being these were signs of weakness, signs of
failing power. Would he stand by his feelings for his fellow warrior or would he
tighten his own energy core to squeeze them out? He knew his duty was to shield
out these things immediately and take a stand against his long-term friend.


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