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SCIENCES – A Scientific Approach to Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis


Cosmic Sciences is the result
of many years of study and research. It began with the study of Numerology and
Hand Analysis and later, with Astrology. Janis Butt focuses on the linkages
between these three disciplines and also on the notion of cosmic energy and its
role in helping us pursue our collective destinies. She sees these disciplines
as providing some answers to life’s mysteries and views them as spiritual
influences over the destiny of humankind.

Janis Butt believes that these
subjects should be classified as sciences as they are based on a body of
knowledge with fundamental laws. All three disciplines are `cosmic’ in nature
and are linked to the universe. In Numerology, each number is associated with a
certain energy force or vibration that links the individual to the universe and
in the case of Astrology and Hand Analysis, their link to the universe is
through the Zodiac.

She believes that the universe
is governed by rhythms and cycles and that these subjects all provide clues as
to the meaning of life. According to her, these subjects can help people to cope
with life’s challenges as they give an insight into the workings of the inner
person, give guidance on life’s cycles and future destiny. Importantly, they can
enable individuals to find their purpose in life.


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Genre: Non Fiction/Science and Astrology


Janis K. Butt

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books
Date Published:  2007

Language: English


the Author


Butt is a retired public servant who worked for many years with the Australian
Government Department of Immigration in Adelaide, Canberra and the United
Kingdom in a variety of roles, both as a Departmental officer and then as a
consultant. She also had a short spell with Legal Aid in the late 90s. Between
January 2001 and June 2004, Ms Butt worked as a member of the Migration Review
Tribunal in Canberra
. She has bachelor degrees in the Social Sciences and Law and edited her
father’s autobiography in 1996, with an update of that work in 2001.


her retirement at the end of June 2004, she decided to embark on the book that
she had always wanted to write for many years – a book on hand Analysis,
Astrology and Numerology.  Her
interest in these subjects began some 30 years earlier when she visited Pakistan
with her husband, an experienced palmist. Once a cynic about such matters, she
became a convert and began to read widely on these subjects. This led to
readings for friends and colleagues over the years. The culmination of these
readings and research is this book!




All men by nature desire to know.


Aristotle, Metaphysics


Metaphysics is a term coined by Aristotle in his work to discuss the
nature of being. In a sense, this book is about the metaphysical in that it
describes phenomena of an esoteric nature. However, this is not an academic
treatise on the nature of being or first principles, but a book about the
history and practice of Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis from a
scientific perspective.


I believe that these subjects are disciplines in their own right and can
be classified as sciences because they rely on empirical data for validity and
contain a systematic body of knowledge that must clearly be understood before it
is practised. All three disciplines are ‘cosmic’ in nature and embody the
notion of the universe. For this reason, I have used the term, ‘Cosmic
Sciences’. It is my contention that there is a systematic purpose behind
everything in the universe and that these disciplines provide a means to unravel
this purpose and to find one’s destiny or life’s purpose. 


is a curious enigma that has puzzled human beings since time immemorial.
Theologically, it is linked to the notion of predestination, which is common to
the divine religions and refers to God’s foreordaining of all things which
have gone before and are still to come. For the divine religions, we are all
here for a purpose and our destiny will slowly unravel itself in accordance with
God’s plan for us. For Hindus and Buddhists, life cycles and destiny are bound
to notions of karma and reincarnation. Their actions and experiences in this
cycle will affect their earthly life, for better or worse, in the next cycle.
The ultimate goal is to evolve towards perfection and reach Nirvana.
Nevertheless, for all the major world religions there is an underlying unity –
a belief in good conduct and in universal laws of nature as the basis for our
existence – even though, as in the case of Hinduism and Buddhism their notions
of predestination are linked to cause and effect as a result of karma rather
than religious determinism.
Because of the western
world’s fascination with the East over the last fifty years or so, notions of
reincarnation have surfaced in the western world influencing people’s
conception of their destiny and life purpose. It may, in fact, be true to say
that a large number of people in the world now believe in reincarnation in some
form, at

least in different human bodily forms as they evolve towards perfection in
different lifetimes.


Many people are interested in their destiny and the destiny of those
close to them, particularly in a world of increasing uncertainty where terrorist
attacks and natural disasters seem to abound with increasing frequency. The
popularity of New Age material is evidence of this interest in destiny and is
indicative of the extent to which this subject has been accepted in the
mainstream of publishing. Books on the subject abound, newspaper advertisements
provide details of psychic services available and even respectable telephone
directories list a range of telephone numbers that you can dial to give
information on numerology, tarots, daily horoscopes, psychic phenomena and so
on. There is also extensive information on the Internet on these subjects and
there are also sites that offer free as well as paid astrological charts and
also numerological and chirological services. 


Against this background, I believe that a book on destiny can only be
useful if it can be demonstrated that these sciences actually work and that
people can use them to cope with life’s challenges and problems. I believe
that the Cosmic Sciences are essentially empirical and can be tested in the same
way as any other sociological phenomena. In this book, I have included examples
of over 130 people of all ages, predominantly the famous and the well known
across a broad range of categories but it also includes a few who are not
well-known. It includes the living and the dead, the young and the retired.
However, like all social sciences it depends on a theory from which empirical
data can then be used to test the validity of that theory. 


My theory is that the universe is governed by rhythms and cycles and
that these subjects all provide clues as to the meaning of life. It is as simple
as that and throughout this book, I will endeavour to show you how the Cosmic
Sciences operate. It does not require adherence to any dogma associated with a
particular religious belief. It fits in with notions of ‘intelligent
design’, ‘creationism’ and even scientific theories about the development
of the universe, as these do not dispute rhythms and cycles in nature, only the
original cause of creation of the universe. However, once you fully appreciate
the value of the Cosmic Sciences, you may begin to see that there is indeed a
time and season for everything.


and Numerology do, in fact, derive from cosmic energy which is energy that
permeates the universe and is exchanged between all living creatures. The
universe operates through constant and dynamic exchange and our minds and our
bodies are in constant interaction with the cosmos. Today, the Internet is
perhaps the most visible expression of cosmic energy, of people communicating
with each other, expressing their views and also exchanging information. In the
same way, the movement of the Sun and the Moon and other planets affect us as
they go through their cycles.

in the Cosmic Sciences does not depend on a belief in reincarnation but of
course there are many who do and believe that reincarnation explains the reason
for much suffering in the world. For my own part, I neither subscribe to it nor
dismiss it as there are many instances of unexplained phenomena in our universe.


Essentially, this book seeks to break down the barriers associated with
this subject and to demonstrate that it is not a subject for the weak-minded but
a useful tool that we can all use to assist with meeting life’s challenges. I
have personally found these subjects very useful. The fact that these very
ancient sciences have survived the centuries and periods of censure and are once
again meriting the respect of intelligent minds is proof that these subjects
have something of great value to offer the modern individual seeking self


I also point out that knowledge of these subjects alone is not enough.
You also need a positive approach to life and concern for your own psychological
and physiological health. Of course, you also need family and friends, as well
as a nurturing of the inner spirit. For some people, this will be carried out
through daily practice of one of the world’s major religions. In other
instances, people can gain access to that inner spirit through an ongoing
personal study of uplifting books to inspire and encourage them.


Family and friends – particularly those with a deep interest in these
subjects – have encouraged me to write this book in the belief that what I
have to say is genuinely of interest and useful to many in their journey through
life. I thank them for their support. I also wish to thank my husband for his
early guidance in the study of Numerology and Hand Analysis and, in particular,
for his encouragement during the writing of this book. Our mutual interest has
led me to a detailed and longstanding study of these subjects.


Finally, I owe a debt to my mother for nurturing the belief that a woman
did not have to choose between a career and marriage. She was a good student who
could have been a journalist but, like many of her generation, chose instead to
marry young and realise her ambitions through her children.






True spirituality
… is to be aware that if we are interdependent with everything and everyone
else, even our smallest, least significant thought, word, and action have real
consequences throughout the universe.


Sogyal Rinpoche,
The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying


Each one of us is engaged
in a personal quest for wisdom and each one of us is engaged in a spiritual
journey, no matter how it may appear from the outside. The Cosmic Sciences can
give us an insight into our own and other’s characters, our circumstances and
theirs and how we all might use these insights to help us all navigate our paths
through life. We can also learn how best we might use these intrinsic qualities
to our best advantage and also to the benefit of humankind.


book is essentially a basic textbook in each of the three disciplines –
Numerology, Astrology and Hand Analysis. This book provides a technical
description of each of the Cosmic Sciences and can be used as a practical guide
to understand and apply the knowledge of these three disciplines.
The book endeavours to help the reader avoid
life’s pitfalls and to better negotiate the major life events.


1 on Numerology is very detailed and includes a full analysis of both birth
dates and birth names and gives examples of famous people as well as some case


2 on Astrology gives a broad overview of the very popular Tropical Western
Astrology, Spiritual Astrology and also a chapter on Oriental and Vedic
Astrology as they form an important aspect of life in these countries at all
levels of society. This section has numerous examples of famous persons and
concludes with a case study linking Numerology and Astrology. 


3 on modern Hand Analysis traces the history of the development of this subject
and its adoption by the forensic sciences over the last hundred years and also
medical science over the last seventy years.
The book demonstrates through illustrations what
Hand Analysis can reveal about our personal characteristics and our potential.
It also explains how Hand Analysis can help us with our careers and our health
and concludes with advice on how to interpret


4 brings the three sciences together and shows how they can in combination
assist us in coping with life’s challenges.
The book points to the huge amount of empirical data
collected by practitioners over the years as evidence of the validity of these
disciplines as serious subjects worthy of consideration. The book concludes with
a look at cosmic energy and its role in helping us all pursue our collective


The book also presents
these disciplines as spiritual influences helping to shape the destiny of
humankind. The Cosmic Sciences are essentially concerned with helping people
realise their life purpose. In this way, they complement the divine religions
and also the law of dharma – all of which state, in essence, that we have come
here to fulfil a purpose. To do this, we must know ourselves. We can achieve
both if we devote ourselves to serving humanity in some way, however small or
large our contribution might be.


So come
with me and share this journey and see how it can help you unlock the secret of
your life’s mysteries. Part of that journey is making sense of it all and
knowledge of the Cosmic Sciences literature will make that journey easier.


(part sample)


sense of the Secrets of the Universe



To every thing there is a season and a time to
every purpose under the heaven:

A time to be born and a time to die; a time to
plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;

A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to
break down, and a time to build up;

A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to
mourn, and a time to dance;

A time to cast away stones, and a time to
gather stones together; a time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing;

A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to
keep, and a time to cast away;

A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to
keep silence, and a time to speak;

A time to love, and a time to hate; a time of
war, and a time of peace.


Ecclesiastes 3: 1 – 8


These popular verses from the Bible were popularised
in the 1965 hit song, ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’’ which was written by the folk
singer and political activist, Pete Seeger. While these lyrics were popularly
interpreted at the time as being a plea for world peace, these verses also
explain in simple terms the grand scheme of things. If we believe in them, then
we have a basis for believing in a purpose behind our existence and also in a
system of numbers as governing the cycle and rhythm of the universe. 


In fact, everything in the universe moves in cycles
and nothing is exempt from them. There are the four seasons, the calendar,
regardless of its origin, that regulates our affairs and then there are seven
days in every week. Days move forward into nights, weeks into months and months
into years. Throughout the movement of time, we can observe the changes in the
tides, the seasons, the planets and the cycle of life itself. In my view, the
Cosmic Sciences help us to understand our individual destiny in the grand scheme
of things.


I became interested in the Cosmic Sciences
about thirty years ago when I first visited
with my husband who is from that country. My husband was and

is a keen palmist and people came to see him to show him their hands and seek
his guidance. It was then that I saw that each person’s hands showed different
lines and that these lines appeared to tell something of that person’s destiny
and future. Previously, I had regarded subjects such as Palmistry as sheer
superstition and nonsense.


I also learned from my husband about the basics of Pythagorean
Numerology and that he had personally used certain numbers to good effect. I
started reading about Numerology and over time my knowledge of this subject
grew. I began to believe in this subject when, after applying these numbers to
my own life and to those of others, I found that these numbers actually worked
and kept recurring in their lives, as well as my own. Similarly, along the way,
I took an interest in Astrology and found that serious Astrology could also
assist people with their lives.


I formed the view that these subjects could give
clues as to the meaning of one’s existence and gave credence to the notion
that life is a beautifully organised dynamic; that things do not happen just at
random but as part of a grander plan for us all. We all have a purpose in life
and this is expressed through our Ruling Path Numbers, birth and name numbers in


In Spiritual Astrology, our life purpose is revealed through the
position of the moon’s nodes, the solar and lunar eclipses and the position of
the planets at the time of our birth. According to Spiritual Astrology, these
phenomena, together with our ascendant or rising star (the sign on the eastern
horizon at the actual hour and minute of birth) have a major effect on our
personalities and how we live our lives.


On the other hand, modern Hand Analysis or Chirology, according to its
technical name, shows us the character traits with which we are born and how we
develop these over the course of own lives. Essentially, it is like a barometer,
that tells us how we are going and pitfalls to watch out for. It is essentially
the only diagnostic tool available when the individual is from a country where
there were no records kept of dates and time of birth. Such individuals often do
not actually know their month and year of birth. In such cases, however, the
number energy seems to revolve around the names by which they are known and
through close contact, it becomes obvious that certain numbers seem to be lucky
for them.


You cannot go far in these subjects without coming across the notion of
reincarnation. While the mainstream of the divine religions – Christianity,
Islam and Judaism – essentially reject reincarnation, it does seem to be
gaining ground amongst less orthodox Christians, particularly in the wake of the
revelations of Edgar Cayce, a well known seer who was known as the ‘sleeping
prophet’. The popularity of modern Buddhism has been a further reason for this
heightened interest.


Belief in ‘mainstream’ reincarnation means
accepting that we are all old souls who choose to reincarnate in different
bodies, but not in different life forms, in different lifetimes in order to
achieve different purposes. According to this view, our Ruling Path Number in
Numerology indicates what we have chosen to learn this time round and the North
and South nodes and their placement in the relevant astrological houses indicate
our past life karma and what we should be seeking to learn in this life to atone
for past mistakes; also how to further assist our soul’s development.[i]
However, if you find the notion of reincarnation hard to accept, then both
Numerology and Astrology can still assist you and you can still use both
sciences, overlooking those aspects which relate to reincarnation.


As indicated earlier, initially, I was extremely
sceptical of all these subjects, which is not surprising, given my studies in
History, Sociology and the Law. It was only as my knowledge grew over a period
of many years and then through empirically testing each of these Cosmic Sciences
that I came to believe that they had value and could genuinely assist in
charting one’s course in life. 


However, for these disciplines to be of value, it is
crucial that we are able to critically interpret the material that we read
because there is much written that is based on charlatanism. This book
endeavours to provide you with the tools to critically evaluate any writings on
this subject and to be able to draw your own conclusions.


Now, come with me and discover the world of


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