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The family and friends that were
introduced in Dalriada continue in this novel. The love for Dalriada that
Thomas had kept hidden, even from himself, has finally come to the surface,
and is shared by Dalriada when Borislov, her husband is away in Russia, with
his parents Adrian and Lydia visiting Adrian’s Mother, Adriana. Borislov’s
ship sinks when returning to Scotland.
He is rescued by a Japanese shipping vessel and is taken to Japan with loss of
memory. Thomas, feeling he has betrayed his best friend Borislov, by declaring
his love for Dalriada, leaves for Naples Italy, and involves his life with the
history of Cicero once a Statesman in the court of Cesar.
When hearing of Borislov’s death, he returns to Scotland and pursues Dalriada
and sees his son for the first time.
The Gypsies have a strong hold on this story, as Adrian was once the leader of
the tribe called the Rom people and his father Petri, a gypsy and his mother
Adriana, an aristocrat, lend credence to the history of this story, making it
more intriguing, mysterious, and suspenseful.

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Genre:  Fiction


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Author: Marie

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books

Date Published: September 2003

Language: English




Marie Frazier said that if the computer had not been invented she would
still be writing Dalriada.

That God heard her words from her mouth every time she hit the wrong key
on her typewriter.
She contributes this machine as the greatest invention ever.
She has completed the second sequel to Dalriada, (Remains of Yesterday,) her
third sequel will bring the characters into the 20th century.
The 19th century feels very comfortable to her as she wrote about places and
people she imagined she knew, but her very first novel Everlasting Life, that
she is now rewriting was written back in 1969 a very modern and up to date story
of a gifted family with strange powers.
Marie Frazier was born and raised in the Bronx, New York and now lives alone in
the Northwest part of Connecticut in her home she absolutely loves, where she
hopes that her creative juices will trigger words for future novels.


CHAPTER ONE (part sample)


It was in the early morning
when the house was silent. You could almost feel the house was alive, smirking,
with all its knowledge of what was going on at the home of the Tries. It was at
this time of day that Adrian was able to concentrate, enabling him to decide
what he must do. He loved Lydia more now then ever before. He thought. Could I
leave her again? Could I leave my farm, my life, and my friends? I never
expected this to happen! Am I prepared? 

he spoke out loud, as if he were making a statement to Lydia. Just thinking of
her he became overwhelmed with happiness. Never in his wildest dream did he ever
think that he would see Lydia again. He had vowed that he would never enter a
serious relationship after they parted, some thirty years ago. 
He carried a vision of a young girl, his Lydia, crying in his arms. He
knew he could do nothing about their future life together. He could do nothing
then but to send her home to her parents. He had to send her away; he knew that
it was the proper thing to do. He vowed, “I will never love again.” To him
the pain was greater then, if he were wounded in battle. 

was now sitting in the sunroom of her home in Riga, a small town near Russia. 

had become his favorite room, where he relished the sight of the rising sun, and
felt the warmth of its rays, giving him the strength to come to a decision, to
do what he knew had to be done.

one in the house was awake. This is what Adrian had expected, a quiet time to
put things in order. He closed his eyes, not from tiredness, but to prepare
himself. The years began to flow back to when he found Lydia who was eight years
old, wandering into the Rom gypsy campsite, lost. His father was the leader of
the Rom people. Adrian could speak with this child Lydia, in her language. She
told him where she was visiting, and he took her there the next day, becoming a
lasting friend with her family.

fourteen, she was a beauty to behold. She had fallen in love with Adrian the
first day she met him. He fell in love with her the day she came into the camp
crying of her betrothal to a pre-arranged marriage. He now remembered the
overwhelming, uncontrollable feelings that overcame his youthful body, when he
tried to comfort her. It was then under the camouflage of the deep forest that
Lydia conceived his child. He left the camp early the next morning, knowing that
if he were to stay, he would cause disgrace to Lydia and her family. He left not
knowing that thirty years later he would meet a stranger called Borislov, his

he went deeper into his memories, back to when he was in the service of Judge
Manoffski, to whom he owed his new way of life, and all of his wealth, he
remembered how he was trying to work out a plan for his future. He could not
help but think of how they met along the way in the forest after he left the
camp of the Rom people, and his beloved Lydia.  

found Manoffski, dying from wounds inflicted by those who wished him dead. This
act of Adrian, saving Manoffski’s life, gave promise of a new future for
Adrian and a new way of living for the Judge. For Adrian would not accept the
Judge’s teaching’s unless it was in the honor of his creed, something that
was carried down within his tribe, the Rom people. 

Manoffski passed away Adrian truly knew the feeling of the loss of a much-loved

he was growing up with the Rom people he always noticed strange eye contact
among the Roms whenever he asked about his mother.

are your family Adrian,” is what they always told him, and he knew in his
heart that one day he would hear the truth. He was indeed his father’s son,
who was the tribe’s leader Petri Gabigoff. He always knew that, for the
resemblance between them was uncanny. 

thought of the many people that had come before him during the time he had
presided as Judge, and he constantly questioned himself. Was I fair? Did I do
the best I could? Could I have done better? This had always plagued his heart.
As he remembered the situation, time had drifted back to when he presided in
court. It had been snowing for the past three days, but never enough snow to
keep his court from attending to the business at hand. Much grief was showing on
the face of one of the prisoner he had to judge that day. The prisoner was put
in front of him, an elderly man, in tattered clothing barely covering his body.

down at him, Adrian could not stop himself from starring at this Russian, this
countryman, and the people he promised to help. He took another look. A face
from the past was before him. Can this be who I think it is, he thought? He
looked down at the paper in front of him on his desk. It confirmed his
recognition of the man. Michale Rostoff, one of the tribal members of the family
he once belonged to. He thought how could this have happened to him? So many
questions he wanted to ask him, but he dare not do this. Not when he was in the
chair at court. Later, he would have him in his chambers, then he would
disclose, to this man, who he was. 

man did not recognize him. What Adrian saw before him now was a man that could
not raise his eyes to meet his. This man was afraid of the judge. This man
thought that if he did raise his eyes to stare at the judge, he would be
severely sentenced.




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