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In this guide are included many quotations and
words of wisdom which I believe will help one discover a way within oneself and
to discover and
experience a better quality
of living. These words of wisdom really show one how to look within. ….Elaine


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Format: Paperback

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Genre: Self Help


Author: Elaine Miller 

Imprint: Poseidon

Publisher: Poseidon Books

Date Published: August 2003

Language: English


What the readers say:

“I thought your book was great, truly
inspirational. You have led an amazing life and it was wonderful to have a brief

KARLA GILBERT, World Iron Woman


“I was intrigued with the book. It is well
written and easy to follow. I love some of the quotes.”

ANNA WOOD, World Kayaking Champion and Olympic Bronze


“I believe that you have given the reader of
this book all they need to get started on a great adventure.”

JACKIE BADCOCK, Working Housewife
and Singer


“Very easy to read and follow. Would very much
like to read more about your own life experiences.”

Pensioner Couple


“I found it to be a tremendously powerful piece
of work. Already I am seeing the benefits of my affirmation (I actually took one
from your book.) This is a wonderful mixture of prescriptive and insightful
reading, presented in a unique way which leads to understanding the importance
of developing awareness.”

BARBARA WILLIAMS, Schoolteacher and
Distance Runner

About the Author  


Before commencing
reading this book, it is important to know something of the author. First and
foremost is the fact that I am not a sage or great soul, but a married woman
with a husband, three sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren, living
a very happy life within society. However, for as long as I can remember, I have
always had the urge to look within and really “know myself”. This has
resulted in lots of study into the subject, and many, varied, experiences, which
have given me an insight into self-awareness. Some of these experiences will be
shared with you later in this book. Now a brief summary of my life and some of
the more significant events, which have caused me to consider writing this
booklet. Hopefully it will encourage others to “look within” and experience
some degree of self-awareness. 

I was born in Cardiff,
South Wales in the U.K. in 1940. During my school years I studied Classical
Ballet, which taught me an awareness of the body, the mind and their control. I
qualified as a Ballet Teacher, after training with the Royal Academy of Dancing.
I worked shift-work, which allowed me to practice and conduct Ballet classes
during my spare time. 

I was married in 1960
and had three sons. In 1968, we immigrated to Tasmania, Australia, where I
taught basic gymnastics, keep-fit classes and Yoga. I developed a deep interest
in Yoga, which I studied in great depth. Although there were many Yoga books to
study, from which I learned a lot, I felt that there was still something
missing. Then came an event that changed that. I received a parcel in the post,
from India, which was addressed personally to me. In the parcel were some
booklets and a letter that read: “Please practice the Kriya lessons contained
in these booklets, with my blessing. I will call you Kamala, Hari Om Tat Sat.”
The letter was signed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. I did not know anyone in
India, or anyone with connections there. More about this later in the book. 

Because of my interest
in Yoga, I studied the contents of the series of booklets, and began to teach
myself the lessons contained therein. Gradually I added more and more of the
practices until I was completing all of the practices in the order given. This
was now taking around three hours to complete the whole series. With a house and
family to look after, to complete the practices every day as instructed, I would
rise at 2.30 am, shower, then from 3.00 am to 6.00 am I would complete the Kriya
practices. Then breakfast with the family and the rest of my day was taken up
with teaching and family duties. I did this for twelve years. 

In 1976 I travelled to
India for eight weeks to study at the Satyananda Ashram at Monghyr, in the
northern state of Bihar. I went again in 1980, for the same length of time. 

In 1982 I was initiated
as a household Sanyassin and given the name of Swami Ganeshananda Saraswati. I
was placed in charge of the Ashram and the Yoga Clinic in Hobart, while still
living with my family. Throughout all of this my family were very supportive and

In 1989, I knew it was
time for me to leave and let go of the Ashram, Yoga Clinic and the name. It was
time for me to now put into practice all I had learnt while living completely
and fully in the midst of society. 

In 1996 my husband
retired, and in 1998 we moved to the Gold Coast in Queensland. I continue to
apply all I have learnt to everyday living and trying to progress in everything
that I do. To live fully in life, accepting all of life’s challenges as they
come and to know joy in living is through Awareness.


This Guide is dedicated to all
the great souls who encourage and inspire us with their deeds, actions, lectures
and writings, etc.

It is intended to be used as
an instructional and reference manual. 

They are from
all walks of life – Athletes, Artists, Musicians, Saints, Sages, Servants,
Nurses, Doctors, Poets, Children, Clergymen, Nuns, etc. 
They have lived in different roles amongst us, yet unless we have evolved
to a point of awareness in ourselves, we will not be aware of their existence.
When they depart they leave behind many items that will help us develop our own
awareness. These can be books, poems, quotes, disciples, etc., which can be used
to develop our own faculty of awareness. 

Why do they
do this?  It is because they have
infinite love for mankind, having found a selfless state, and a genuine desire
to help us know ourselves, cultivate awareness, and continue to progress. 

To develop
self-awareness necessary to live a happy and effective life, the essentials are
Humility, Perseverance and an insatiable thirst for Progress in our lives. Above
all, one must be convinced of the limitless possibility of Progression. Progress
can be likened to youth – at one hundred years of age, one can still be young.



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