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A Service to Authors

Poseidon Books was conceived to provide a service to authors who have not been able to publish a book through conventional risk publishing houses and who are unwilling to pay the large charges levied by vanity publishers. We offer a complete range of services to authors who wish to publish their own book. 



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To have your work evaluated for publishing, send us three sample chapters, an author profile, information about the book - i.e. synopsis and any other relevant information.  You can also send the entire ms for evaluation. For full information, read the New Author information page. 

We do not automatically publish all work submitted - all books are evaluated before proceeding to contract.

You can send material to us in Word, RTF, PDF or Lotus WP either via email attachment or on cd to our mailing address.


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dead end
Dead End

rag doll
Rag Doll
The Adventures of Loren and L:ightning
The White Cockatoo
The Same Mistakes
Modern Romances
Fenceless Asylum
The Dormant Powers
Night of the Transition
when a woman loves
When a Woman Loves

Zell - Daughter of Africa

computer game
The Computer Game
The Vault


In today's evolving book publishing industry, authors are taking control of their writing and book publishing options.

Some of our authors have enjoyed great success with their books and we believe that every self publishing writer should have the best possible opportunities to achieve success with their book.

That is why we have pioneered and developed the most professional, author-friendly partnership  publishing environment in the world.

Your success is our success!

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New and recent releases - click on the title to preview:

The Vault - Daniel McKinnon
When a Woman Loves - Ashley Byrnes
Dead End - Margaret Britt
Fenceless Asylum - Daniel McKinnon
The Computer Game - Bill Hayward
The Same Mistakes - Daniel Murphy
Memoirs - Jocelyn Groom
She - Ashley Byrnes
Rag Doll - Daniel McKinnon
Meanderings of the Mind - K.D.

The Adventures of Loren and Lightning - Chris Perkins
From me to You - Ashley Byrnes
2011 In Curses...oops sorry! Verses - Janet A, Williams
The Stolen Horizon - Dan Murphy
The White Cockatoo - Diane Brown
Night of the Transition - Kobina Amissah Fynn
At the Crossroads of Life - Len Varley
Confessions from the Heart - Ashley Byrnes
The Black Book - Ivomir
The Dormant Powers - Greg Peake
Marcilla's Dreams - Bill Hayward

Czech Point - Daniel McKinnon
Raw Emotion - Ashley Byrnes
Modern Romances - Caroline Sophie Dobraszczyk
Wizard Warrior - Jeff Rogers
The Book of Titles - Kate Gibbs
The Undervalued Women - Allen Nosa Uhunmwangho
Oedipussy Blues - David Mathison
Through the Eyes of Words - Ashley Byrnes
A Bird in the Bush - Carol Prichard
Bluebird - Sheena Horn
The Return of Hezzord - Efim Shmakov
The Mason Saga - John Mason
Zell - Daughter of Africa - Hazel White
Harnessing the Alchemist Within - Colleen Anne Smith
Shifting Sands - Luminiţa Aldea

The Twelfth Man - Christopher Gordon
Everyone is Henry Miller- Jason Dunne
Fun In The Sun With The Pun - Neil Dufty
Attorand's Sword - Efim Shmakov
Gatekeepers - The Quest for Clues to an Age-Old Riddle - Kobina Fynn
Himalaya Gene - Paul Froomes
Canyon - Christopher J. Holcroft
The Evacuee - Gillian A. Karas
Man Created God - Klaus Veltjens
The Long Hard Road - Hugh Macinnes
It's All About Me....and Him - Jennifer Fairhurst
The Devil Wore Glasses - Peter V. Maloney
Ever Feel Like an Ant in a Landslip?
- Christelle Withers-Maine
Curse of the Wings - Daniel McKinnon
Storm at the Oracle
- Justin Skarott
What do I want? How do I get it?
- Hugo Rodriguez
Funny Bones - Rebecca Malins
Enjoy Bridge - Tim Orr
Deceiving the hearts of the simple - Ashley Byrnes
Sky 21
- Tracey Lavender
Brother Doctor
- Albert Arkhim Gewargis, M.D. 




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